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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
MH Evaluations OTA 211 exam II Occupational Therapy 2011-09-29 sherryama 49 0 edit
MH Eval Abbreviation MH Eval Abbreviation Occupational Therapy 2011-10-03 sherryama 12 0 edit
Mosey's Group Levels Group Interaction skill development levels Occupational Therapy 2013-06-10 sherryama 5 0 edit
ACL Levels ACL Levels Occupational Therapy 2020-08-31 sherryama 7 1 edit
ROM meas norms Normal ranges of motion for goniometer measurements at UE joints Occupational Therapy 2011-10-02 sherryama 25 1 edit
Goniometry axis poin Goniometry axis poin Occupational Therapy 2020-08-31 sherryama 24 3 edit
MH II review MH II review Occupational Therapy 2011-10-02 sherryama 25 0 edit
Dev of Adaptive Skil Mosey's development of adaptive skills theory points Occupational Therapy 2014-02-02 sherryama 14 1 edit
Superv EXam I Superv EXam I Occupational Therapy 2011-12-11 sherryama 26 0 edit
OT PEDS II - A Hand skills/ writing Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 sherryama 44 6 edit
PEDS 2B Spina Bifida & MD for exam II Occupational Therapy 2015-08-27 sherryama 23 1 edit
OT PEDS II-C Perception Occupational Therapy 2022-02-06 sherryama 17 1 edit
Adaptations II material for the second adaptations exam Occupational Therapy 2011-10-20 sherryama 15 1 edit
Sensory Integration chapter 11 - Case-Smith Occupational Therapy 2014-02-02 sherryama 11 1 edit
OTA 223 EX2 content for 2nd exam Occupational Therapy 2021-06-08 sherryama 26 3 edit
Back Pain Mngt for 223 2nd exam Unfinished 2011-11-06 sherryama 20 0 edit
LB muscles, anatomy 223 Exam 2 Occupational Therapy 2011-11-06 sherryama 14 0 edit
Exercise, MMT & FMT 223 2nd exam Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 sherryama 27 4 edit
Mental Health #3 test material for 3rd Exam Occupational Therapy 2011-11-07 sherryama 23 0 edit
OTA 217 MH MEDS for 3rd exam Occupational Therapy 2011-11-07 sherryama 36 0 edit
Mental Health frame frames of reference Occupational Therapy 2015-08-27 sherryama 36 3 edit
Peds 3rd CP, Seizure Disorders, Positioning Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 sherryama 37 9 edit
Peds 3rd B School & Learning Disabilities Occupational Therapy 2016-02-11 sherryama 26 2 edit
SI, Autism, MR PEds 3rd Exam prep Occupational Therapy 2018-03-22 sherryama 34 2 edit
Muscle Grades 223 exam iii Occupational Therapy 2011-12-10 sherryama 10 0 edit
SC function levels COTA exam Occupational Therapy 2017-04-05 sherryama 8 3 edit
MISSED MISSED questions from practice exams Unfinished 2012-07-30 sherryama 55 0 edit
MISSED #2 More missed questions from practice exams Unfinished 2012-08-02 sherryama 20 0 edit

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