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US WWI & Imperialism

Flashcards WWI and US Imperialism

Using monetary incentives to influence other countries. Dollar Diplomacy
Efforts of a country to prepare for war. They may include efforts of citizens, government, and businesses. Mobilization
A Draft, or mandatory service in the military. Conscription
To add territory onto your country Annex
Countries taking over other areas for their own benefit Imperialism
Statement that is added onto a previous message Corrollary
The use of negotiations to solve problems between countries Diplomacy
Regions have the right to self-rule Territorial Integrity
Right for ethnic groups to rule themselves Self-Determination
Overthrow a government Coup
Teaming up of countries Alliance
Countries that vow to stayout of conflicts and not take sides Neutrality
Air battle between two or more airplanes Dogfight
To leave your homeland to live in another country Emigrate
Countries preparing for war Mobilzation
Drafting men to be in the Armed Forces Conscription
Nickname of US Forces in WWI Doughboys
One-side information to have others think a certain way Propaganda
Ideology advocating the violent overthrow of Capitalism Bolshevism
Those totally opposed to the Treaty of Versailles. Irreconcilables
US Senators who would agree to Treaty of Versailles under certain conditions Reservationist
US President's plan to end WWI, Peace with Honor Wilson's 14 Points
US Policies and actions in Latin America and the Caribbean during the early 1900's. Banana Wars
Guerrilla's in the Dominican Republic that fought against US Troops during US occupation of that country. Gavilleros
Interfering in another country's business without their approval. Intervention
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire Central Powers
France, Great Britain, Russia, eventually Italy and the United States Allied Powers
France, Great Britain, and Russia Triple Entente
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy Triple Alliance
Serbian Nationalist who assassinated the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Gavrilo Princip
The Archduke of Austria-Hungary. Franz Ferdinand
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