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EPQ Dash 1 Ch 2


T/F In the event of ICS failure, the pilot requesting control will raise both hands True
T/F With the ISS selector set to solo both seats will eject if the handle is pulled False, only the seat that initiates ejection will eject
If the ____ground personnel will not be able to operate canopy fracturing in an emergency ground egress door is locked
(T/F) To avoid damaging the rudder trim tab and trim mechanism, push gently on rudder trim tab when checking rudder movement. False-you should NOT push or pull on the rudder trim tabs
Failure to route the __________ SSK lines may result in entanglement with the SSK lines during seat-pilot separation. lap belt over
To test the Aux Battery, position the switch forward for a minimum of _______ seconds. 5 seconds
If the PMU terminates the start, or if the start is manually aborted, retard the PCL to ______ and manually motor the engine for ___ seconds. off, 20
(T/F) After initial power-up, the OBOGS FAIL annunciator will be inhibited for two minutes during OBOGS monitor warmup. False – it takes 3 minutes for the warmup sequence to be completed.
If engine start is initiated with the PCL in OFF, the start may be aborted by ______________. (Dash 1, 2-12) moving the PCL to IDLE reselecting AUTO/RESET on the starter switch
To prevent ground resonance within the propeller, stabilized operation of the propeller in the __________ range is prohibited on the ground. (Dash 1, 2-13) 62% to 80% Np
(T/F) Any fault discovered during the overspeed governor check is reason for ground abort. True
If gusty winds are present during takeoff, increase rotation speed by __________. 1/2 the gust factor (up to 10 knots)
(T/F) If the flaps are set to LDG and the gear is raised, the gear warning horn will sound and cannot be canceled. True
The recommended enroute descent procedure is power and configuration as required and descent rate of _____. 4000 fpm
(T/F) Selection of IDLE power automatically retracts the speed brake. False – Selection of MAX, lowering the gear/flaps or raising the speed brake.
All stopping distances computed from Appendix A are based on _______. Max Braking
(T/F) Allow ITT to stabilize at idle for at least one minute prior to shutdown. TRUE
(T/F) Both OBOGS regulators deactivate when the battery is turned off. False – the OBOGS is located on the Hot Battery bus and will deplete the battery power if left on.
(T/F) If the PCL is left in a position other than OFF when shutting the engine down, fuel flow may continue and cause serious damage due to over temperature. True
After landing off station, check oil level within ___ minutes of shutdown. 30
(T/F) To prevent possible burns, application of electrical power to pitot and AOA heating elements should not exceed 10 seconds. (Dash 1, 2-25) True
(T/F) Failure to close and latch the CFS pin storage box prior to closing the canopy may damage the canopy when the canopy is closed. True
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