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Revisionism passing of time can sometimes revise, the meaning of events, or change someone's reputation for better or worse
Rupert's Land was named after King Charles II of England
Beaver Pelt company used this as a currency in fur trade
Factors local bosses for the HBC in the fur trade
Montrealers group of English merchants from Montreal who seized NWC
Hivernants individuals who stayed in country and shared in profits of NWC
Bullishness relaxed trading practices of NWC, inclding the selling of alcohol to natives
Portage the process of moving a boat from one body of water to another
Headhunter person who looks for skilled employees on behalf of a company HBC used this as a currency in the fur trade
Canot du Nord canoes that the NWC used in the Northwest.
The canots du nord were made of this (hint: east coast) birch
The canots du maitre were made of this (hint: in west coast) cedar
Drainage Basin land drained by rivers
Canots du Maitre canoes used by the NWC for the journey from Fort William to Montreal.
What were York boats made of, and what company used them a double ended boat made of wood, by HBC
13 meters long, could be sailed or paddles York boat length
First ones 3000 kg, newer ones 6000 kg York boat capacity
Bois Rule what people of French-Native ancestry used to call themselves.
Literal meaning of Bois Rule Burnt wood
Metis one who has French and Native ancestry
Country born people with Native and Scottish or Native and British ancestry
Seigneurial pattern a long-lot pattern that seigneuries used in New France
Pemmican usually had a mix of dried meat, fat, lard, and/or berries.
Flogged when someone is beaten with a whip or stick as torture or punishment
Date HBC was formed 1670
Took up 1/3rd of modern Canada, and claimed area around Hudson's Bay. Belonged to this company : HBC area
Stay By The Bay Staying near Hudson's Bay rather than going inland
HBC standard of trade /4 very strict, not much bargaining, salaried employees, strict hiearchy
London Partners shared profits
Formed in 1783: after New France fell, group of english merchants seized fur trade NWC formation date
Where NWC set up trading posts set up trading posts in the interior
Major trade fort of NWC Fort William
moved inland to be closer to traders, business structure based on partnerships less rigid than HBC NWC policy
NWC had to contend with this short ice free seasons on rivers and lakes
convinced King Charles II to back the HBC's business, plus take some fur trade from the French Formation of HBC caused this
encouraged celibacy rather than marriage with natives another part of HBC policy
helped carry cargo voyageurs
Traded alcohol with natives NWC's policy regarding alcohol
1821 HBC and NWC were merged on this date
companies were struggling financially, Red River Colony law suits gragged on for three years, neither company could survive full scale operations Why the merger was formed
55 out of 100; 45 out of 100 NWC shares to HBC shares
1825 old NWC partners sold their shares back to HBC giving HBC 100% of shares on this date
it had a great reputation When the HBC and NWC merged, they kept the HBC's name because
Red River Colony date 1812-1815
settlement Red River Colony civil methods
fur trade traditional metis civil methods
Pemmican among the Metis part of culture and economy
Pemmican among the RRC needed until farming succeeds
Governor in RRC felt he had legit power over area
Governor among Metis felt he held power over area based on their history
Conflict related to Red River Colony Pemmican War, Battle of Seven Oaks
Size of Selkirk's Grant 300,000 km2 in today's Southern Manitoba and North Dakota
Thomas Douglas was awarded Selkirk's grant on: 1811
Why Selkirk's Grant was issued troubled by poor tenant farmers (crofters) from Scotland
what happened to the Scottish crofters evicted from land to be used for sheep grazing
2 choices crofters had move to industrialized cities or BNA
1814 When Miles Macdonell issued Pemmican Proclamation
Why Pemmican Proclamation was issued to ensure Selkirk settlers wouldn't run out of food, Winter begin early so colonists had to Winter or go to Fort Pembina
Spring 1813 colonists cleared land, plant crops failed
1849 4 metis were charged with illegal fur trading
The trial judge's (1849)attitude towards the Metis dislike them
What the trial judge (1849) told the metis told jury the had no choice bu to return a verdict of guilty
Trade with one person Direct trade
When you intend on buying something from somebody, but you have to go through someone else, causing more money to be spent indirect trade
chief factor main boss of HBC in fur trade
vast area around Hudson Bay Rupert's Land
Created by: Danica_1234
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