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Social Studies

Ms. E *study guide flashcards* E.C

what is the fertile cresent? where is it? The fertile cresent is a large arc of rich, or fertile, farm land. The fertile cresent extends from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.
what is Mesopotamia? what does it refer to and who named it Mesopotamia? Mesopotamia is a region of land between the two rivers, the Tigris River & Euphrates River.
why is the area in Mesopotamia fertile? The area got floods from the rivers near it, and when these floods/water clear... it leaves behind a trail of fertile soil,dirt,ground, etc.
what is silt and what does it have to do with the flooding? Silt is a mixture of fertile soil and tiny rocks that can make land ideal for farming. Silt has to do with flooding by= the force of water mixes the soil and tiny rocks(silt) into one mixture.
what is divition of labor? Divition of labor is an arrangment in which each worker specializes in a particular task or job.
what is cuneiform? how was it used? how did it start out? Cuneiform is the world's first system of writing developed in Sumer. Cuneiform was used to record and keep what happened in the past. First, pictographs(pictures & symbols) started out cuneiform.
what is a scribe? list details of the job. A scribe is a writer and he/she records things and keeps tracks of items.
*THE PLOW* sumerians machine/tool pulled by animal, farming production, helped grow plants and produce food
*THE SUN-DIAL* the new babylonians or chaldeans invention,shadow,sun,time,ancient clock
*THE WHEEL* invention,no more dragging,carry items easily,animals pull, transport.
*SIEGE WARFARE* to attack over,and over,over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over,over......
*BATTERING RAMS* assyrians cruel,conquer,battle,attack over and over and over....(siege),break walls or door open with battering ram
*MOVEABLE TOWERS* assyrians battle,tool,helpful,war,to siege
*HANGING GARDEN OF BABYLON* babylon & chaldeans ziggurat,stocks
chariot a chariot is an invention used in battle and used by the Hittites.
what did the Sumerians contribute to mathematics? started out with the number 60
what are ziggurats? where are they located? why were they tall? A ziggurat is a pyramid shaped tower. It is located in the center of the city-states. The ziggurats were tall because it made the temples look more attractive.
which ruler created the 'hanging walls of Babylon"? What were they? Nebuchanezzer created the hanging gardens of babylon. The hanging gardens of babylon were gardens of wonders of Princent World.
what is the difference between polytheism and mothotheism? Polytheism is the belief in many gods, but monotheism is the belief in only one god.
what is an EMPIRE? how is it different from a city-state? An empire is the land with different territories and peoples under s single ruler. A city-state does not have a ruler.
AKKADIANS leader=SARGON succesful
AKKADIANS leader=SARGON defeated one of sumer's king
AKKADIANS leader=SARGON conquered other city-states
AKKADIANS leader=SARGON expanded powerful army
AKKADIANS leader=SARGON created first empire
BABYLONIANS leader=HAMMURABI king of babylon
BABYLONIANS leader=HAMMURABI babylon's 6th king
BABYLONIANS leader=HAMMURABI won control over all Mesopotamia
BABYLONIANS leader=HAMMURABI turned babylon into an important trade center.
BABYLONIANS leader=HAMMURABI code of Hammurabi, laws 282 laws total
HITTITES leader=ISAS captured babylon
HITTITES leader=ISAS short period of time to rule
HITTITES leader=ISAS kassites/400 years
ASSYRIANS leader=HAMMURABI controled over by babylon ruler(hammurabi) KING
ASSYRAIANS BRIEF REVIEW COPY leader=hammurabi king,6th king,won control over Mesopotamia,turned babylon to an important trade center, code of hammurabi,code of hammurabi is laws(282 laws total).
CHALDEANS leader=NEBUCHADNEZZAR expanded empire
CHALDEANS leader=NEBUCHADNEZZAR rebuilt babylon into a more stylish way
CHALDEANS leader=NEBUCHADNEZZAR hanging gardens on temples
which empire was known more for its trade thn winning battles? Babylon
why wa the purple dye made by the Phoenicians so expensive(and used as a symbol of wealth and importance by monarchs)? It took many steps to get the dye. It took 10,000 mollusks to create one gram of the purple dye!!!
what was the Code Of Hammurabi? who created it? how many laws are there? Where were they written? What is the significance of these laws to society? The code of hammmurabi is a set of many laws made by the King Hammurabi, in babylon. There are 282 laws total in the code of hammurabi. These laws formed the basis of the Babylon legal system.
Social Hierarchy. Sumerian society grew complex. King, priests were at the top of Sumer's upper class. Most people were in-between class. Slaves made up the lower class.
Created by: chloeychoi
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