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History of Rock S3

Music Notes Section 3

Who expected to be paid full in cash before a show? Chuck Berry
"Your not a rock and roller if you don't know how to play _____ ______" Chuck Berry
His Popular Number 1 Song was Blue Suede Shoes. Similar to Hank Williams. Played the ___ ____. Who was this artist? - electric Guitar -Carl Perkins
Nicknamed "the killer" "whole lot of shakin goin on" would say and do anything. Artist? Jerry Lee Lewis
______ ______- electric guitar that will not function without an amp, sallow bodied, and could sustain like the human voice. Stratocaster
What was the first musician to play the Stratocaster? Buddy Holly
When/Why did people not like Rock n Roll? At the Beginning of the 60s- war, paola charges, conspiracy theory
___ ____- revulsions against rock n roll shows, caused rock to go into a choma. Paola charges
What did Lil Richard do as a result from the Poala charges? Gave up his singing career and threw all of his diamond in the river and went into the ministry.
How did the war affect rock and roll? Many singers were drafted into thhe army
Who were the enemies of rock n roll? (5) parents, church, media (major record labels), government in response to status quo and commercial interests, and racists
Why were they the "enemies of rock n roll"? was the devils music, generation gap issues, economics: 'wrong' people (companies) Not making the money
What were the enemies "battle plan" to get rid of rock n roll? buy out artists, "clone" originals, close down "pipeline" to public, get rid of extra artist, take out afro-euro vocal characteristics, water down music with dumb lyrics
How did the Battle Plan Elvis, Lil Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly, JP Richardson (Big Bopper), and Richie Valens? Elvis- army, Lil Richard- becomes minister, Chuck Berry- arrested for Mann Act Violation, JLL- marries 14 yr cousin, rest die in plane crash
What was the job of a disk Jockey? Play records online.
What band developed the biggest turning point of rock n roll? The Beatles
What is the Classic Rock Beat? Divides rhythm beats into 2s and 4s instead of 3s.
Rchie Valen's song 'La Bamba' had a ___ rhtyhm. latin
Where was latin prominent? New Orleans
Who was known as the most famous drummer "youve never heard of"? Earl Palmer
Who did Earl Palmer record with? (name 2) Famous artists such as Lil Richard and Fatz Domino
From this point forward what defined music? Whether or not it was swing or rock
This was the era of ____ ____ (dance craze music). teen idol
R&B was popular typically in the _____ communites. Black
What was the most famous dance of this era? THE TWIST!
Who wrote The Twist? When did the sequel come out? Chubby Checker, 1961
What was Jimi Hendrix's band called? The Isly Brothers
What did the Isly Brothers perform, who covered it? Twist and Shout, the Beatles
What two movies was Twist and Shout in? Back to School and Ferris Beullers Day Off
____ ___ ______- "extolling the virtues"- all female singes, and was an instructional record. The Mashed Potato
Who were the two that sang/wrote the Mashed Potato? Grace Leg and JAnis Joplin
Who played a big role in defining the instrumental perspective of 'surf/beach music'? Richard Monsour
Chronologically, Richard Monsour was ___ in guitarists who make a difference. Who were the other(s) before him? 3rd, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly (solid body, electric)
What guitar did Monsour play? Straticaster
______-melody you can play on one string. (Richard Monsour) Misirlou
When did surf/beach music hit the US? 1963
Which Beach Boy was Jan Berry close to? Brian Wilson
What song was Jan Berry popular for? Surf City
What happened to Jan Berry in a car crash? Did he recover? Got brain damage(become poster for brain damage)- yes-almost
After Jan Berry's incident what did he join? THE BEACH BOYS
While producing, Jan Berry was a full time ______ ______ student. pre-med
What did Jan Berry say was his best therapy for recovery? Music!
_____-2d sound coming from two speakers. Stereo
Who invented stereo? Les Paul
___ and ____- recording one instrument at a time the combining. Multitracking and overdubbing
What 4 things did the beach boys change in their music? beat, tempo,complex harmony, and texture
The Beach Boys used ___ ___ ____ like instruments, particularlu "_____" vocal lines. back up vocals, "falsetto"
The Beach Boys incorporated the popular Greek chorus "_____________" you shouldnt have lied now
What are some of the new instruments that the Beach Boys incorporated into their music? organ, synth, theramin
The Beach Boys had a _____ texture. polyphonic
___ ____- first to use double drumset. Brian Wilson
Who was known as the "most famous guitarist youve never heard of"? Tom Podesco
Which band was the last truly american band? Why? The Beach Boys, right before the Beatles
What was the Beach Boys music centered aroun? cruising and cars-- "the hamburger stand"
At the time of the Beach Boys the cool cars had __ tail lights. 3
What was the average length of a Beach Boys track? 2:10- seemed longer because alot was going on
___ ___ ___ __________- beach boys song that changes the tonal center to add time, includes organ and the greek chorus. fun,fun,fun till her daddy takes the t-bird away
If you wanted your record to play it wouldnt be longer than __ minutes? 3
Who invented the Theramin? Leon Theramin
What was Leon? (occupation) genius physist, and electrical engineer
What were "the thing" in this time period? Radi transcievers
who invented a way to transmit electrical power through air? Tesla
Most significant Beatles Album? Sgt Peppers
What did SGT Peppers do that most Albums did not? Exceeded the 3 min mark and changed textures constantly
Who was bigger the Beatles or Elvis? o About the same, elvis was the first but the beatles were a bigger EXPLOSION- like overnight
When did the Beatles 1st hit the US? late dec 1963
What recording co were they most associated with in their early years? EMi-Capital Records
During the Ed Sullivan show, the Beatles played _ songs and every __ out of ___ Tvs were tuned in to watch. 4, 8/10 (will never happen again)
the stones stuck with ____ style. r&b- british electric blues band
______-allowed guitarists to play on'longer' strings because they didn't have to project acoustically. amplification (used by stones)
Because of amplification characteristics of rhythm and blues section became exagerated which gave more weight to ______ ______. lower frequencies
____--repeated melodic figures, usually used at the beginning of the piece for identity and then used periodically throught piece from jazz and blues tradition. riffs
Who were the 3 original band members of the stones? mick jagger, brian jones, and keith richards
What did the stones name their band after? muddy waters song "the rolling stone"
Where/when did the stones debut? Marquee club in London 1964
Who was their manager? with what recording co.? epstein management- andrew oldham, decca records- competed witht the beatles/capitol records
What image did the stones portray? scruffy, "anti-social" negative image
What stones album was similar to sgt peppers? their satanic majesties request
What was the concert that the stones had to make up for missing woodstock? What happened their? sympathy for the devil- had hells angels as their security (biker gang- most notorius murderers) - beat up ppl and someone was stabbed and killed in front of stage- kept playing set
Who did hells angels plan to kill after the whole sympathy for the devil incident? mick jagger for trying to help the injured person
_____ _____- antedote to rock and roll- lat 1950s/ folk rock
The late 1950s was known as the age of ____. dillusionment
After the age of dillusionment came ___ ____. adolescent rebellion
___ ____-the best form to make a political statement due to its focal point on lyrics. folk ballad
Created by: megrosec
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