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Global Issues CONS

Global Issues Constitution Quiz

Popular sovereignty Popular = people, sovereignty = right to rule
Eligible Qualified, allowed to
Poll Place where ppl vote
Limited government Gov that is not all powerful
Federalism Division of power between nat/state
Delegated powers Powers of federal gov
Reserved powers Powers of the state
Concurrent powers Powers shared by fed/state
Elastic clause Congress can make “necessary and proper” laws
Separation of powers Each branch has own powers
Legislative branch Senate, House. Make laws
Executive branch President. Carry out laws.
Judicial branch Supreme and Federal District Courts. Enforce the laws.
interpret To understand the meaning of
Checks and Balances Each branch can control part of the other two
Judicial review Supreme Court can say a law is unconstitutional
Override Overrule
compromise Settlement where both sides give in a little
Appropriate Set something aside
censor Make some things unavailable
adapt change
informal Not following rules, not being fancy, official
Custom Something that’s been done a long time
Justice Fairness to all
impeach Accuse fed official of a crime
execute To carry out a law
succession To follow in proper order (presidential succession)
misdemeanor A lessor crime
felony A major crime (jail time)
Appellate court Decides appeals from lower courts (what the Supreme Court does)
Treason Betray your country
Immunity Don’t have to pay for a crime (a deal to testify)
Extradition Take a prisoner to a wanted state
Republic People vote for people who make laws
Petition Request sent to gov from ppl
warrant Written court order for search or jail
indictment Formal accusation of a crime
abolition End completely (slavery)
involuntary servitude Work against your will (slavery)
suffrage Right to vote
repeal To cancel a law
the speaker of the house is John Boehner
speaker of the house is chosen by majority party
______in line for presidency is speaker of the house 3
runs day to day operations in the House of Representatives speaker of house
who is in line for the president after the prez and vice prez? speaker of house
speaker of the house runs day to day__________ operations
In Article four it explains the states what? powers and limits
Article Five explains how to change or _____________ the Constitution amend
In article six it explains the power of the ___________ government. federal
Article Seven talks about making the Constitution official or __________. Ratified
amendment is a formal _________ to the constitution? change
the constitution HAS HOW MANY AMENDMENTS 27
the first ten amendments are called what? the Bill of Rights
The constitution are divided into parts. 3
The first part of the Constitution is called the…. Preamble
The Middle part of the Constitution is called the…. Articles
The last part of the Constitution is called the…. Amendments
The preamble is the ___________ to the constitution. Introduction
The preamble is the " _________" part of the constitution We The People
each branch has certain powers that the others cant do these powers are called... checks and balances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
each branch has "_______" power over the others some
congress can "___ ___" but the president can "___" them make laws, veto
which article talks about the legislative branch? article I
who has the majority in the senate? Democrats
who has the majority in the house of representatives? republicans
how many senators are selected from each state? two
What is a census? An official count of a population.
How often does a census occur? Every 10 years.
What is gerrymandering? When states draw up districts to give one group an advantage?
What is the point of a census? To see how many representatives are allowed for each state.
who can pass laws? congress
who is the commander in chief of the military? President
who appoint Supreme Court judges? President
what is the executive branch? President
what is the judical review the power the supreme court has to decide if a law passed by congress is Constitutional
who is the real leader of the senate? president pro tempor
what is the name of the President Pro Tempor? Daniel Inouye
How do we decide how many members of the house each state gets? population
A representative serves for how many years? 2
How many senators are from each state? TWO
How many senators are all together? 100
How old do you have to be to become a senator? 30
Who is the vice president for the US? Joe Biden
Which amendment allowed people to elect their senators? 17th amendment
Created by: rockcastle
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