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Questions and answers

How far away is Herculaneum from Mt Vesuvius? 6km
How far away is Pompeii from Mt Vesuvius? 8km
List the occupations of Pompeii in chronological order. Oscans, Greeks, Etruscans, Samnites and Romans
Who was responsible for expanding Pompeii to it's present size? Samnites
How long have they been excavating for? 200 years
What was Fiorelli famous for? Creating plaster casts of bodies and introduced systematic excavations and records.
What was Spinazolla famous for? Created Street Scaping (exacavated and created what streets looked like) and first to document using photographs.
What was Maiuri famous for? Excavated huge region between main part of city and amphitheatre, and excavated lower/ deeper/ earlier levels of site to uncover historical development.
What was Zevi famous for? Suspended all new excavations and focused on restoration and documentation.
When was the last eruption? 1944
What is the current policy at the sites? Conservation and restoration rather than excavation.
How much of Pompeii has been excavated? 2/3
How much of Herculaneum has been excavated? 1/4 (although we're not exactly sure)
What were the warnings leading up to the eruption? Plume gases coming out of volcano with tremors and earthquakes.
What is the lararium? The household altar.
What date did the eruption occur on? 24th August, 79AD
What theory was decided reason behind the volcano? The plate tectonic theory where earthquakes result when plates collide.
Why were the warning tremors useless to the people of the cities? They were common occurrences and the people hadn't put earthquakes together with volcanoes.
What was the first phase called? Plinian
When did the first phase begin and how long did it last for? Began at midday and lasted for 18 hours.
What did phase one consist of? Eruption of gas, pumice and ash.
How far did the column shoot in the air? 20-30km.
What did Pliny describe the column looked like? A pine tree.
How much ash was deposited in Pompeii during phase one? 2.7m
How much ash was deposited in Herculaneum during phase one? 15cm
What direction was the wind travelling to? South East
What was the second phase called? Pelean
What happened in phase two? Collapse of the column including a series of pyroclastic surges and flows.
What time did the second phase begin? 6-7am Day 2
What is a pyroclastic surge? Cloud of ash and rock particles travelling at 100-300km/h at more than 100 degrees.
What is a pyroclastic flow? Melted rock and pumice travelling at 20-50km/h at more than 400 degrees.
How many surges and flows were their altogether? 6
Which surges and flows hit Herculaneum? All 6
Which surges and flows hit Pompeii? 3,4,5 and 6.
How deep was Herculaneum after the eruption? 20m
How deep was Pompeii after the eruption? 4m
Why was Herculaneum harder to excavate? Extra heat made layers harder, causing a depth of 20m making it hard to excavate, also Herculaneum is under a modern city.
Why was Pompeii easier to excavate? Was only under 4m, was also more appealing making it easier to excavate.
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