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Dat bio


lymph capillaries converge to form _______ which converge to form ____ lymphatics vessels; lymphatic trunk
lymphatic trunk converge to form _____ 2 collecting ducts
right collecting duct is drained from right arm, right thorax, neck and head
right collecting duct drains into right subclavian vein
thoracic collecting is bigger because it drains the rest of the body
thoracic collecting duct drains into left subclavian vein
lymph nodules collection of lymphocytes and macrophages; prevalent in gastro tract, resp repro, urinary tracts
peyer patch cluster of nodules in the small intstine
primary lymphatic organs red bone marrow and thymus cuz they form and mature T and B lymphocyte
secondary lymphatic organs spleen, tonsils, lymph node
most abundat lymph organ lymph node
lymph node function filters the lymph and activates immune response
why is the lymph node considered bottle neck several afferent enter and 1-3 effernt exits
first line of defense against infection nonspecific skin (external barrier)
second line of defense non spececific, leukocytes, macrophage, fever, antimicrob bacteria
third line of defense immune system; leaves a memory of pathogen
interferon anti mic protein that alert neighboring cells of infection to prevent them from being infected
specificity immunity immunity targeting one pathogen
memory reexposure to same pathogen cuz body to react quickly
cell mediated immunity lymphocytes atack n destroy foreign cells/ infected cells
humoral (antibody mediated) immunity antibodies
nat active immunity poduction of self antibodies/ t cells
artific active immunity production of self antibody as a result of vaccine
nat passive immun temp immunity from acquiring antibodies from another person (fetus n mother)
artific passive immun termp immunity acquired fom serum with antibodies from another person
t cells are formed in _______ and mature in into functional t cells in the _______ red bone marrow, thymus
b cells remain in _________ to mature then sent to the other lymph organs red bone marrow
cellular immunity activates ______ t lymphocyes
role of helper t cells coordinates humoral and cell mediated -
viral protein antigens attach to ________ that causes Tc cells to respons MHC I
foreign antigens that attach to ______ causes helper T cells to respond MHC II
Tc cells role attack and kill cells
Humoral immunity antibodies release to bind to antigens uses B lymphocytes
CD4 helper t cells attracted to MHCII
CD8 cytotoxic t cell attracted to MHCI
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