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early native america

produced many different styles of pottery woodland
few traces of them have been found in ms paleo
began the use of the bow and arrow woodland
used stone tools, gathered fruit and nut, and hunted deer and turkey with spears Mississippian
located villages along streams where soil was fertile and used digging sticks and hoes with blades of bones and stone mississippian
followed large animals such as mammoths and mastodons, which they hunted for food and clothing paleo
built villages surrounded by wooden defenses mississippian
used both copper and stone tools woodland
built burial mounds over tombs and sometimes shaped the mounds like birds or animals woodland
had to adjust to a warmer, drier climate and the death of the large animals archaic
built religious buildings and the homes of chiefs on top of their flat, rectangle mounds mississippian
lived along rivers and streams, farmed, and no longer depended solely on hunting and gathering woodland
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