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Nutrition exam1 Dr.R

Nutrition I Concentrates on lipid and water soluble vitamins(B complex vitamins)

Prevents night blindness Vit A
repair/maintenance of epithelial tissue vit A
an antioxidant vit a
most toxic vitamin Vit A
Prevents nyctalopia Vit A
Helps teeth and bone formation Vit A
Deficiency in insomia Vit A
toxicity= abdominal pain, amenorrhea, GI disturbance, hair loss, pruritis, joint pain, hydrocephaly, scales on lips and corners of mouth Vit A
which vitamen is affected by antibiotics, laxatives, and cholesterol lowering drugs during absorption Vit A
Sources are yellow/orange skinned fruits and veggies as well as green leafy veggies Vit A
Which type of Vit A is considered extremely toxic (especially for pregnant women) Retinol
Which type of Vit A is not considered extremely toxic Carotenoids
which vit is made in the body Vit D
Which vit is required for absorption of calcium and phosphorous Vit D
which vit is important for osteoporosis Vit D
which vit would you avoid supplementation for a person who suffers from hyperthyroidism, sarcoidosis, and schleroderma Vit D
Antacids and intestinal disorders are signs of deficiency in.... Vit D
fish liver oil, cod liver oil, dairy, are sources for what Vit? Vit D
What are the active form for Vit E D-alpha tocopherol, d-gamma tocopherol, mixed tocopherol
Which vitamin is made in the body: A or D Vit D
What are the fat soluble vitamins? Vit A, D, E, K
which vit protects RBC membrane from damage Vit E
which vit improves athletic performance Vit E
what are the sources for Vit E nuts, cold press nut oil
what mineral is need for proper levels of Vit E zinc
zinc is an agent that is required for what vit to maintain proper levels Vit E
which vit is considered a natural blood thinner Vit E
Which vit is considered a "classical fat soluable" Vit K
Which vit is needed for prothrombin production Vit K
Which vit is essential for bone formation and repair Vit K
Which vit reduces symptoms of morning sickness Vit K
which vit interferes with prescription blood thinners (warferin and cumindin) Vit K
What are sources of Vit K broccoli, arugula, kale, black strap molasses
black strap molasses is a source for what Vit K
Dark green veggies are a source for what Vit K
which vit helps in the utilization of Vit A Vit E
PABA is not a water soluable B-complex family false; it is part of the water soluable B-complex family
This vitamen enhances cortisone and estrogen by preventing their breakdown in the liver PABA
what is the other name for Thiamine Pyrophosphate? B1
what is the other name for Riboflavin B2
what is the other name for Niacin, Niacinamide,Nicotine Acid B3 (remember 3 active form; all 3* are active forms of B3)
What is the other name for Pantothenic Acid? B5 (remember to think of greek root word meaning penta which means 5 like pentagon)
What is the other name for pyridoxal phosphate and pyroxidine? B6
what is the other name for tetrahydrofolate, folic acid, H4 folate? B9
what is the other name for cyanocobalamin? B12
Which vitamin is the anti-neuritic vitamen B1
Which vit is essential for carbohydrate metabolism B1
If one is presented with a peripheral neuropathies, what is the deficiency? B1
Alcoholics, people on antibiotics, sulfa-drugs,and oral contraceptives have deficiency in what? Thiamine Pyrophosphate
What is the active form for riboflavin? FAD or FMN
which vitamen is necessary for RBC formation, antibody production, cellular respiration, and cell growth Riboflavin
which vitamen is needed to start breakdown of Tryptophan to Niacin along with B6 (pyridoxal phosphate or pyrodoxine) Riboflavin
One presented with chelosis, magenta tongue, dermatitis, ariboflavinosis is a deficiency in what ? Riboflavin
Which vitamin decrease cholesterol? Niacin, Niacinamide, and Nicotinic Acid
which vitamin increase memory? Niacin, Niacinamide, and Nicotinic Acid
which vitamin can cause flushing Niacin B3
Which vitamin is considered an anti-stress vitamin? pantothenic acid
which vitamin is utilized in the production of adrenal hormones pantothenic acid
If one is presented with the symptoms burning feet what is their most likely deficiency? pantothenic acid
which vitamin is considered the master vitamin pyridoxal phosphate or pyrodoxine
which vitamin aids in the prevention of heart disease pyridoxal phosphate or pyrodoxine
which vitamin is important in blood cell formation tetrahydorfolate or H4 folate
which vitamin is considered essential for synthesis of DNA/RNA (brain food) H4 folate
which vitamin helps with depression and anxiety H4 folate/ folic acid
folic acid (B9) works best with what other two vitamins? B12 and Vitamin C
(board question) what vitamin is heavy in metal B12 (cyanocobalmin)
which vitamin is important for SAM or SAMe? cyanocobalamin
which vitamin helps control production of homocysteine B12
vegetarians are usually seen with a deficiency in... B12
someone with Crohns disease most likely had a deficiency in... B12
Which vitamin helps with the production of homocysteine B12
what is the health promoting nutrients found in plants Phytochemical
symptom of any of the B vitamins when they are deficient Glossitis
You have to know the scientific name and common name of vitamins You have to know the scientific name and common name of vitamins.
All fat soluble vitamins are... antioxidants
cholesterol synthesis is dependant on what vitamin B5
which water soluble vitamin helps prevent or protect against sunburn and skin cancer PABA
which vitamen is considered to be the best water soluble vitamin Vit C
what are sources of vit c red pepper and rosehip
Vit C's function: antiviral and increase immunity
Which vitamin increases absorption of iron Vit C
Which vitamin works synergistically with Vit E Vit C
Vit C works well with what other vitamins B9 and B12
What is another name for Vit P bioflavinoid
which vit enhances absorption of Vit C bioflavinoid
which vit helps perserve capillaries Vit P
which vit must be taken as a supplement vit P
which vit is made in the intestinal flora Vit H
what is the scientific name for Vit H biotin
what is a function of biotin aids in cell growth, fatty acid production, carbo/fat/protein metabolism
what is the type of bioflavinoid from "spirulina" Quercetin
which vitamin decrease fibrin thread formation bioflavinoid
cradle-cap is a deficiency in what vit? biotin
which vitamins does not have any deficiency or toxity bioflavinoid, pangamic acid, and nitrilosides
which vitamin plays a critical role in energy production in every cell in the body Ubiquinone
which Vit is found in kernels of all fruit, apples, cherries, peaches, sprouted plants Nitrilosides
which vit is outlawed in the US as a cancer therapy Nitrilosides
which vit is not found in Brewers yeast Nitrilosides
which vit increases rate of creatinine phosphorylation Pangamic acid
which vit is used in therapy for circulation problems angamic acid
what is the common name for pangmic acid B15
what is the common name for nitrilosides B17
Created by: BarbieZ3000