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Government (:

8th grade social studies

What is the executives dutie? to enforce laws
What is the legislatures dutie? to make/write the laws
what is the judicials duties? to interpret the laws
define constitution... explains the purpose,describess its organization, and states the powers of a government. and has had 11 constitutions.
define Bicameral... describes a legislature body made up of two bodies or houses. the legislative branch,the us congress and the louisiana legislature, both have two bodies. 1. the house of representatives. 2.the senate, this is called bicameral
define census... a official population count done every 10 years.
what is checks and balances? give an example! when the governor, or president refuses to pass a bill. the legis. or congress can override a veto with a 2/3rds vote. an example is the executive branch powers veto.
how many members does congress have in louisiana? 144 members
who is Joe Biden? vice president
who is Jay Dardenne? lieutenant governor
who is John Roberts? supreme court cheif justice
various types of taxes. Sales- state/local Property-state/federal income-federal/state severance-state tariff-federal estate/inheritance-state/federal excise-state/federal licensing fee-state/local/federal
some powers of the national government *regulated interstate and foreign trade set standards for weights and measures *create and maintain armed forces *make copyright and patent laws *establish postal services *established foreign policy *create federal courts *coin money *declare war
some powers of the state government create corporation laws.regulate trade within state.establish and maintain schools.establish local govern.make laws about marriage and divorce.conduct elections.province public safety
shared by both nation and state govs provide for public welfare.administer criminal justice.charter banks.revise taxes.borrow money
a local gov.. raises money for the parish, and passes ordinances
electoral college Cali has 55 . it takes 270 to win presidency.there are 538 total electoral votes.
ways to become a us citizen birth and naturalization.if you were born in the u.s. parents, then you are a citizen. the other way is through the naturalization process. where you take a test and an oath of allegiance
lobbying.. trying to influence a legislator about a proposed law. every citizen can be a lobbyist. they write letters to legislators or visit them at the capital. some are volunteers and others are paid tp speak on the behalf of organizations
some ways citizens can legally influence their government 1.writing their congressional representative 2.conducting protest or rallies 3. voting for the representative with similar views of their own
home rule is... the power of political subdivisions to govern theirselves ; local self government
sales tax is.. charged on items as they are is the largest single source of tax revenue
excise tax is.. a tax on specific products such as alcohol,soft drinks,gas, cigarettes.
district courts are.. the main trial courts fort he state
if there is a legal question about the process or results of a case,it may be reviewed by the.. court of appeals
the first phrase of the constitution is "we the people" those word reflect a government formed by the people
the quote by thomas jefferson means.. citizens need to be informed about their government
Created by: JessicaDarlene
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