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Reading Vocabulary

2nd six weeks ADM Test 10-28-2011

What pronouns are used in a story being told from first person point of view? I, me, my, mine
What pronouns are used in a story being told from third person point of view? They, her, his, their
What is the difference between the topic of a story and its theme? The topic is 1 or 2 words that tell what the story is about and theme is a sentence or two that explains the moral/lesson of the story
“She looked as if she had seen a ghost” is an example of which type of figurative language? simile
Where would be the best place to look in a book to check and see if it is a biography? the blurb
In which point of view is an autobiography written? 1st person point of view
How much of one’s life is an autobiography written? an important part/event
Under what type of genre would a fable with talking animals be classified? fantasy
How much of one’s life is a memoir written? an important part/event
What is the biggest difference between autobiography and biography? Autobiography is in 1st person point of view and biography is in 3rd person point of view
What is the definition of a simile? comparing two or more unlike things using like or as
Give an example of a simile. I was as tired as a horse.
What are sensory details? details using figurative language and using your 5 senses
Give an example of a sensory detail appealing to sound/hearing. The race of man is suffering and I can hear the man.
What is personification? Giving unanimated objects human charcteristics
Give an example of personification. Where water is not thirsty.
What is alliteration? The repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables
Give an example of alliteration. "on scrolls of silver snowy sentences"
What is onomatopoeia? words that imitite sounds
Give an example of onomatopoeia. BOOM, BANG, KABOOM
What is a metaphor? A comparison of two unlike things not using like or as.
Give an example of a metaphor. I am sweating buckets.
What is imagery? The use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions, or ideas.
To which sense does the following appeal: the rain puddles dotted the roads. see
What is exposition mean? introduction of setting, characters, backround information and conflict
What does setting mean? time and place a story is
What are characters? people, animals, or other entitles in the text
What is conflict mean? problem
What is internal conflict? a character's struggle within himeself/herself
What is external conflict? a character's struggle with another charcter
What is rising action? events leading up to the climax trying to solve the problem
What is climax? emotional high point of the story; conflict is addressed
What is falling action? consequences or events caused by the climax
What is resolution? final outcome
What is a protagonist? the main character trying to resolve the main conflict
What is the antagonist? is the person against the main character
Created by: come_on_summer
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