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<img src="paste4wmm6b.jpg" /> 1765 Boy with Squirrel John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Genre and portrait * Tour de force within his mature style 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastehf13gu.jpg" /> 1758 -60 Thaddeus Burr John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * The Rococo style learns from Blackburn; liberated his innate abilites as a colorist 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteucuz_j.jpg" /> 1759 -61 Epes Sargent John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteqcexn6.jpg" /> 1763 Mrs. Daniel Sargent John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastes4gfxo.jpg" /> 1764 Mrs. Daniel Hubbard John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastetj8eiz.jpg" /> 1766 Mrs. Thomas Boylston John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastek1yl7r.jpg" /> 1767 Young Lady with a Bird and Dog John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteiwml8s.jpg" /> 1768 c Paul Revere John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Informal/unusual pose; never repeated 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasterpdf59.jpg" /> 1769 Isaac Smith John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Success wasn't only in his ability to depict realistically external appearances etc, butalso his ability to catpure the profound realism of people as human beings 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastefs1vdi.jpg" /> 1769 Mrs. Isaac Smith John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastescsqet.jpg" /> 1771 Mrs. Goldthwaite John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Martin thinks one of his finest character studies * With this portrait Copley was seldom more skillful treatment of light/shade 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastemtlqju.jpg" /> 1771 Daniel Verplank John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastersrkug.jpg" /> 1771 Mrs. Humphrey Devereux John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Translation of what Copley sees onto the canvas itself * Masterpiece of late, dramatic, American style 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="paste24tq22.jpg" /> 1773 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mifflin John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Combo of portrait/genre 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteldebwq.jpg" /> 1775 c Mrs. Seymour Fort John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) - Beginning of English period 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="paste0zpku3.jpg" /> 1776 -77 The Copley Family John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) - &"The Grand Manner&" 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteadxx_w.jpg" /> 1785 The Three Youngest Daughters of George III John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteud9uyc.jpg" /> 1778 Watson and the Shark John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) - Qualifies as history painting - Learns how to fuse poetic imagination and fact *1st depiction of a black man by a great American artist in which the black man is ~ a stereotype * Earliest instance of identifiable American contribution to the developmen 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastechsfkg.jpg" /> 1778 c Black Man John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) - Realism w/o prejudice 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastewsy9r3.jpg" /> 1782 -84 Death of Major Peirson John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) - Popular contemporary subject - High minded drama * Marked a zenith in his career 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastemjee3j.jpg" /> 1777 c Roger Sherman Ralph Earl (1751 -1801) * His masterpiece; before he left for London - Copley influence * One of the + impressive American paintings 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastenilpln.jpg" /> 1756 The Death of Socrates Benjamin West (1738 -1820) - no Euro artists concieved of this approach until Oath of the Horatii = 30 years later 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastemej8ca.jpg" />? 1759 Thomas Mifflin Benjamin West (1738 -1820) - Wollaston's influence * Last painting before leaving America 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastefbirxw.jpg" /> 1767 -68 Agrippina Landing at Brundisium with the Ashes of Germanicus Benjamin West (1738 -1820) * 1st English commission for history painting * Principles of new Neoc style is evident (prefigures French Neoc) - Moralizing message/classical subject ~ new in 18th; NEW = accuracy to Roman depiction - Based on Ara Pacis - Background = &"ruins of pala 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastet5wsyw.jpg" /> 1770 Death of General Wolfe Benjamin West (1738 -1820) * Anticipates French 19th cent Romanticism - Portrait studies ^ to enhance illusion/actuality - Contemporary military attire; King ~ like; Reynolds concern - Grand scale - American subject; in Quebec - Martyrdom of Xst; acceptable 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastee2tyjo.jpg" /> 1771 Peace Tready with the Indians Benjamin West (1738 -1820) - English interest in Indians 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteoxc9y5.jpg" /> 1770 c Colonel William Johnson Benjamin West (1738 -1820) - Proto Romantic 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastevsds1p.jpg" /> 1777 Saul and the Witch of Endor Benjamin West (1738 -1820) * Chief stylistic influence here is Salvator Rossa (Ita) - Least Neoc works 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastesg56wa.jpg" /> 1817 Death on a Pale Horse Benjamin West (1738 -1820) - Romantic - Finds fruition in Jericho and Delacroix 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastemqeqfc.jpg" /> Staircase from the Joseph Manigault House, Charleston, SC 1803 - Adamesque houses = utility of free planning FederalStyleAdamesque Images
<img src="pastepklbwq.jpg" /> 1782 Peirce -Nicholas House Samuel McIntire (1757 -1811) * Earliest effort in Adamesque style FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="gwp (1).jpg" /> 1810 Gardner -White -Pingree House Samuel McIntire (1757 -1811) - Adamesque, federal FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="paste72lwbu.jpg" /> 1795 -96 First Harrison Gray Otis House Charles Bulfinch (1763 -1844) - Typical FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastesjzyae.jpg" /><img src="pastelqmmp6.jpg" /> 1795 -98 Boston State House Charles Bulfinch (1763 -1844) ~ Good at monumentality * His most ambitious project FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastek48w6i.jpg" /><img src="paste3q4bui.jpg" /> 1816 -17 Fifth Meeting House of the First Church of Christ Charles Bulfinch (1763 -1844) * Masterpiece FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pasteyxwgjg.jpg" /> 1771 Final Elevation for First Version of Monticello Thomas Jefferson (1743 -1826) - Originally based on Palladio's Villa Rotunda FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pasteknp2gi.jpg" /> 1770 -1809 Monticello Thomas Jefferson (1743 -1826) * His autobiography - Remodels... to current French/Roman sources * 1st expression of the Federal style FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastentyekv.jpg" /><img src="pastebjrij1.jpg" /><img src="pastes1kf4k.jpg" /> 1785 -89 Capitol Building of Virginia Thomas Jefferson (1743 -1826) and Charles -Louis Clerisseau - Based after Mason Caree, ca. 16 BC * 1st public bldg in Am to be patterned directly after ancient temple - Symbol of arch respectability; set direction of development of arch in Am FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastexs0v2w.jpg" /><img src="pastey3_dna.jpg" /><img src="pasteamptrn.jpg" /> 1822 -26 University of Virginia Thomas Jefferson (1743 -1826) * Greatest/+ successful of his arch efforts - State supported education (Roman arch) - Variety of classical sources * Rotunda = his professional achievement as an architect (Pantheon inspiration) FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastejjgfxi.jpg" /> 1792 drawing for US Capitol William Thornton * One of 1st buildings to form true expression of Mon Class - 1792 competition for Capitol/President's House - Stephen Hallet/William Thorton = only classical designers in competition * Virtruvius Britannicus inspiration * Palladian and Georgian element FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastewaxhxj.jpg" /> 1812? Tobacco and Corncob capitals Benjamin Latrobe FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastewdo9gj.jpg" /><img src="paste_94zge.jpg" /> 1798 -1800 The Bank of Pennsylvania Benjamin Latrobe - Torn down for parking - Monum class - Based on Roman podium form (Massion Carie) * Ionic order - 1st precise use of a purely Greek order in US FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastexqjezz.jpg" /><img src="pastebp2mtr.jpg" /> 1806 -18 Baltimore Cathedral Benjamin Latrobe - Upside down plans.. * 1st Catedral built in US - 2 designs; one Roman, other Gothic * Called &"N. America's + beautiful church&" and &"finest monument of Romantic Classicism&" FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="paste6inb1h.jpg" /><img src="pastezmlzan.jpg" /><img src="pastezsykvq.jpg" /> 1851 Capitol Building (dome) Thomas Walter - Commissioned to enlarge building and design dome FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastefxddm7.jpg" /><img src="paste5pnbab.jpg" /> 1792 White House James Hoban - Designed by Hoban (Irishman) ~ Monum class - Georgian features FederalStyleAdamesque
<img src="pastekyvohz.jpg" /><img src="pastejzc5zv.jpg" /> 1803 -4 Custis -Lee Mansion George Hadfield GreekRevival
<img src="pasteapuiy1.jpg" /><img src="pastedkgsp1.jpg" /> 1806 St. Mary’s Chapel Maximilien Godfroy GreekRevival
<img src="pastepnxe2f.jpg" /><img src="pastez5ame8.jpg" /> 1822 -27 Country Records Bldg. Robert Mills - Mix of M.C. and G.R. * Mill's style in purest form GreekRevival
<img src="pastetbwgqf.jpg" /> 1819 -22 First Baptist Church Robert Mills * Mill's style in purest form - Emerges out of spirit of classicism and assembly of classical details GreekRevival
<img src="pastesnjb4u.jpg" /><img src="pasterdtvf3.jpg" /> 1822 State Lunatic Asylum Robert Mills - G.R. influence * Structure set the style for Federal architecture for over a century GreekRevival
<img src="pasteb8l7ue.jpg" /><img src="pastezuvrwc.jpg" /> 1836 -42 Treasury Building Robert Mills GreekRevival
<img src="pastebwid_h.jpg" /> 1818 -24 Second Bank of the United States William Strickland * 1st design in the G.R. style - Establishes the Greek portico as symbol of financial stability * 1 of the + distinguished structures in its day GreekRevival
<img src="pasteculzkk.jpg" /><img src="paste3ukzfa.jpg" /> 1859 Tennessee State Capital William Strickland - Greek Revival GreekRevival
<img src="pastev4mds0.jpg" /> 1793 San Carlos Borromeo Mission - Spanish Franciscans - Admin center for Catholic missions * Finest of these mission churches - Provincal Baroque SpanishColonial
<img src="pastez5gfbv.jpg" /> 1824 -34 Casa Amesti (aka the Larkin House), (Montery Style) - Municipal and resid arch reflects pattern that characterizes mission church structures * &"Montery style&" - long veranda, 2nd story SpanishColonial
<img src="pastesvlpil.jpg" /> 1804 The Death of Jane McCrea John Vanderlyn - illustration for epic poem - based on classical relief sculpture 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste19vm0o.jpg" /> 1807 Marius on the Ruins of Carthage John Vanderlyn - Head from Rmn bust - Brooding/emotional classicism (~ Agrippina) * Set standards for 19th cent class. * Neoc in subject, but no action! therefore emotional, focuses on individual man/feelings * Anticipates Romanticisim 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste5rhfm2.jpg" /> 1820 c Panorama of Versailles John Vanderlyn - opens own museum, brings panorama to US 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pasteaj6nno.jpg" /> 1809 -14 Ariadne John Vanderlyn * 1st nude in American art ^ shock - Titian and Georgioni - Marius/Ariadne = + $ 19thCenturyPainting
Mont<img src="pasteijnll4.jpg" /> Warren<img src="pastejena8z.jpg" /> 1786 The Death of General Montgomery at Quebec + General Warren John Trumbull Death of General West = Montgomery; Death of Major Pearson = Warren - Romantic battle painting 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste39vvvd.jpg" /> 1786 -88 c The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton John Trumbull 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste2rxh3w.jpg" /> 1786 The Declaration of Independence John Trumbull 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pasteytjq_4.jpg" /> 1792 c Washington Before the Battle of Trenton John Trumbull - + emotion than West/Copley; knew Brq vocab better 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pasteridma3.jpg" /> 1790 c Washington at Verplanck’s Point John Trumbull - American's ~ want Am His in grand manner 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste13nfyj.jpg" /> 1808 c Niagara Falls Near Table Rock John Trumbull - Failed... within 30 years landscape would emerge though 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastenstyrx.jpg" /> 1782 The Skater (William Grant) Gilbert Stuart - Allegory for winter - Lost for 100 years * Masterpiece of his English career; no Am painter of period could match this 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pasteubkd50.jpg" /> 1795 George Washington (aka the Vaughan Portrait) Gilbert Stuart - new teeth? 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastepaiqt1.jpg" /> 1796 George Washington (aka the Athenaeum Portrait) Gilbert Stuart ~ Finished - His most vivid portrait of Washington; $1 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pasteyws4x0.jpg" /> 1796 Martha Washington Gilbert Stuart 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste5xkk3h.jpg" /> 1807 c Mrs. Perez Morton Gilbert Stuart - Impressionistic 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pasterzogbs.jpg" /> 1820 Joseph Coolidge Gilbert Stuart 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastejkbnoh.jpg" /> 1793 Mrs. Richard Yates Gilbert Stuart - Eliminated detail to show sitter in + charactertistic attitude; @ end of day what interested him was bone structure of head, glow in eyes, head, and fresness of color * Seen as successor to Mrs. Seymour Fort by Copley 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastedtbdka.jpg" /> 1776 Mrs. Benjamin Rush Charles Wilson Peale 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste4bndv1.jpg" /> 1795 The Staircase Group Charles Wilson Peale - Masterpiece - Realism to illusionism 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastetjwuma.jpg" /> 1806 Exhuming the Mastodon Charles Wilson Peale - New kind of informal history painting (in the making) - combines genre, landscape, portraits 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastesgejoy.jpg" /> 1822 The Artist in His Museum Charles Wilson Peale * Final work - Dual interests 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastevcb_5r.jpg" /> 1820 The Court of Death Rembrandt Peale * Most popular painting of the decade - Moral allegory - Exhibits for 50 years 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="paste3brqoo.jpg" /> 1801 Rubens Peale with a Geranium Rembrandt Peale * One of the most original images in Am art history - About perception AND art 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="e9a3cc9f7896b76114c189afda94c401.png" /> 1822 Raphaelle PealeAfter the Bath Raphaelle Peale 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="26da2a478edfa8d156244f527a903282.png" /> 1818 c Still Life with Orange Peel Raphaelle Peale 19thCenturyPainting
(Still Life, No. 2) 1821 Still Life, No. 2 Raphaelle Peale 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastezbjjn8.jpg" /> 1820 -2 c Still Life with Raisins and Apples Raphaelle Peale 19thCenturyPainting
<img src="pastecfmv_u.jpg" /> 1804 The Rising of a Thunderstorm Washington Allston * 1st great Am seascape * 1st nature drama by an Am - Man is @ nature's mercy Romanticism
<img src="pastehegwnz.jpg" /> 1813 -14 The Dead Man Restored to Life by Touching the Bones of the Prophet Elisha Washington Allston - In London = recog as Biblical history painter Romanticism
<img src="pasterkzosa.jpg" /> 1805 Diana and The Chase Washington Allston * Romantic dream of Class world ^ Comment on timless grandeur/beauty of nature Romanticism Marked
<img src="pasteli2bti.jpg" /> 1818 c Belshazzar’s Feast Washington Allston - Given advance; ~ finished Romanticism
<img src="paste25nosx.jpg" /> 1819 The Flight of Florimell Washington Allston - Lyrical - Based on Spencer's Fairy Queen Romanticism Marked
<img src="pasteqte3zp.jpg" /> 1819 Moonlit Landscape Washington Allston - Belief it should be poetic in light/dark and so deep in emotion, pic becomes point of meditation * Style set new standard of atmospheric richness in Am painting; 1820 -30 b/c concern of most advance minds in Euro/Amer Romanticism
<img src="pasteqfgskf.jpg" /> 1822 The Old House of Representatives Samuel F.B. Morse - Documentary realism Romanticism
<img src="pastet6le9n.jpg" /> 1832 c Gallery of the Louvre Samuel F.B. Morse Romanticism
<img src="pastevpaufn.jpg" /> 1825 -27 The Muse Samuel F.B. Morse - Romantic realist Romanticism
<img src="paste25uw6h.jpg" /> OR<img src="pastefwdvx1.jpg" /> 1810 c Winter Scene in Brooklyn Francis Guy - Urban neighborhood LandscapePainting
<img src="pasteu17owl.jpg" /> 1800 c Tontine Coffee House Francis Guy LandscapePainting
<img src="pastewsgcbo.jpg" /> 1835 In Nature’s Wonderland Thomas Doughty - Ages -> style b/cs looser; little figures LandscapePainting
<img src="pasteyvbsrh.jpg" />? 1833 Landscape with Stream and Mountains Thomas Doughty - Little poetic gems of landscape painting LandscapePainting
<img src="pasteujwqav.jpg" /><img src="pasteeswnj4.jpg" /> 1827 Last of the Mohicans Thomas Cole *1st major Am. painting to illustrate a scene from Am. novel in landscape considered typically American - Landscape w/ narrative HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pastecdxhps.jpg" /> 1843 Roman Ruins Thomas Cole * He often favored more heroic subjects, like here; despite being leader - Mute testimonials of impernamence of human condition HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="paste8efvtz.jpg" /> 1833 Titan’s Goblet Thomas Cole - Forerunner to surrealism - Time and place HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="paste2imm29.jpg" /> <img src="pasteiiy4rr.jpg" /> <img src="pastehb0ury.jpg" /> <img src="pasteiqqhal.jpg" /> <img src="pasteuyqgap.jpg" /> 1836 The Course of Empire (Savage State, Pastoral State/Arcadian State, Consummation of Empire, Destruction of Empire, Desolation of Empire) Thomas Cole - Comissioned by Lumen Rhead - Debt to Euro Roma lit - virtues of nature competing w/ evils of civilization - Mountain = permanence of landscape - Lorraine/Turner for theme of lagoon - Achreologically correct * Activities depict the summit of human g HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pasteiu11kb.jpg" /> 1840 The Voyage of Life Thomas Cole - Common to make series w/ moral theme - Sources = John Martin - Friedrich? * the most popular series in Am @ time; inspired flood of amateur imitators * Cole's most popular series of paintings; so popular repeats it in 1842 = 2 sets of series - Exampl HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pastemaxxz0.jpg" /> 1827 The Expulsion from the Garden of eden Thomas Cole HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="paste7fvrur.jpg" /> 1827 The Clove, Catskills Thomas Cole - What his followers wanted: pure landscape - Foilage/land ~ passive * America's ruins ~ Formula * Brings together two warring attitudes in Am art: 1. the elevated 2. the ordinary HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pastekz39xa.jpg" /> 1838 c Schroon Mountain, The Adirondacks Thomas Cole * For Cole and contemps, a great civilization may have flourished here and may again - Visible world = handiwork of god - Turning point HudsonRiverSchool Marked
<img src="pastec936ng.jpg" /> 1836 The Oxbow Thomas Cole - This painting typifies his other aims (ID of native stuff), if course of empire is the height of his allegorical/moral painting - Rebirth from nature * One of few works where he shows positive outcomes of progress; pleasant rural habitat HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pastebsaacq.jpg" /> 1837 View on the Catskill, Early Autumn Thomas Cole * Entirely rural, not a wild landscape = rare * Also, classically designed landscape = formula HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="paste3pc0qv.jpg" /> 1840 The Architect’s Dream Thomas Cole - Romantic melodrama, fantasy - Protosurrealist; done for architect HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pastepbwxct.jpg" /> 1849 Kindred Spirits* A. B. Durand - Contrived to be uncontrived - Commission from John Sturgess * No painting better reveals sentimental reverence for nature/mystical component than this * Testament to Romantic aspects of landscapes, Cullen Bryans poetry, and Cole's painting HudsonRiverSchool Marked
<img src="paste2loz69.jpg" /> 1845 The Beeches* A. B. Durand - Structures paintings on gradations of gray (values) HudsonRiverSchool Marked
<img src="paste_wpe4q.jpg" /> 1860 Twilight in the Wilderness* Frederick Church * + extraordinary landscape of Am every painted - Uncorrupted nature completes daily cycle; contrasts w/ Cole's subjectivity HudsonRiverSchool Marked
<img src="pastecmbufm.jpg" /> 1857 Niagara Falls Frederick Church HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pasteqe9pdy.jpg" /> 1857 View of Cotopaxi Frederick Church HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pasteab2gfe.jpg" /> 1866 Rainy Season in the Tropics Frederick Church - Grandeur, to grasp nature w/ thoroughness of scientist - Public loved it HudsonRiverSchool Marked
<img src="pastechd62h.jpg" /> 1871 The Parthenon Frederick Church - After S. Am, antiquity - Searches for answer of past like Cole, in ruins HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="paste_05e2y.jpg" /> 1866 Merced River Albert Bierstadt HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pastezmm4dx.jpg" /> 1863 The Rocky Mountains Albert Bierstadt - Sketches done 8 years earlier - Gov survey - Romantic reality HudsonRiverSchool
<img src="pastex_2nz6.jpg" /> OR <img src="pasteuavkrg.jpg" /> 1869 Sunset on the Marshes Martin Johnson Heade Luminism
<img src="pastehn5bvd.jpg" /> OR <img src="pasteqlw7iw.jpg" /> 1860 Orchid and Humingbirds Martin Johnson Heade - Best example Luminism
<img src="pastevp7ije.jpg" /> 1863 Twilight, Rock Beach Martin Johnson Heade - Pinned to canvas Luminism Marked
<img src="pastep1q0sf.jpg" /> 1850s c New York Harbor Fitz Hugh Lane Luminism
<img src="pasteychptl.jpg" /> 1850s Boston Harbor Fitz Hugh Lane - Worthy of Turner Luminism
<img src="pastemveotl.jpg" /> 1860 c Owl’s Head, Maine Fitz Hugh Lane - Nature's transcendental meaning - Light of early dawn (Lorraine) Luminism Marked
<img src="pasteoriv5n.jpg" /> 1850 Ship Stuck in Ice Off Ten Pound Island Fitz Hugh Lane - Theme: poetry that can be found in both space and light, in a landscape, of mood (Allston) Luminism Marked
<img src="pasteguay7p.jpg" /> 2nd <img src="paste3orjah.jpg" /> 1870s c Beacon Rock, Newport Harbor Frederick Kensett Luminism
<img src="pastenmyw00.jpg" /> 1855 Lackawanna Valley George Inness - Early style Luminism Marked
<img src="pastesmv69t.jpg" /> 1882 June George Inness - Late style Luminism Marked
<img src="pasteq4bdbk.jpg" /> 1892 Home at Mountclair George Inness Luminism
<img src="pastemodbyh.jpg" /> 1827 -38 Common American Swan John James Audubon - From beginning = intended to be prints AmericanNaturalists
<img src="pasteeivn8q.jpg" /> 1827 -38 The Whooping Crane + John James Audubon AmericanNaturalists
<img src="pasteivt_s2.jpg" /> 1841 The Arctic Hares John James Audubon - Monumentality AmericanNaturalists
<img src="paste00ieu4.jpg" /> 1840 George Washington Horatio Greenough AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastebemx4a.jpg" /> 1843 The Greek Slave Hiram Powers * Brought him international fame - Greek classical ideal nude - Xn faith protects her - Brochure * Justification for nudity = Victorian period 1827 -1901 - Lesson of moral strength AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastegcziwr.jpg" /> 1843 Orpheus and Cerberus Thomas Crawford - Sensation - CF. to Apollo Belvedere - Classical pedigree - Shipped back to Am for exhibition AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastexlvyeo.jpg" /> 1858 Equestrian Monument to George Washington + Thomas Crawford * Marks the beginning of outdoor commemorative sculpture in America - Complex multi figured monument to Washington AmericanSculpture
<img src="paste9_hudm.jpg" /><img src="paste0mpuw4.jpg" /> 1863 Armed Freedom Thomas Crawford - Bronze - Top of cupola of dome of Capital AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastehcy8rh.jpg" /> 1866 The White Captive Erastus Dow Palmer ~ Ideal; any in debtedness to Ital Neoc ends there with the white marble * American realism AmericanSculpture
<img src="paste_qle3w.jpg" /> 1869 The Fugitive’s Story John Rogers AmericanSculpture
<img src="pasteyokeye.jpg" /> 1859? Slave Auction + John Rogers - Copyrighted the groups to mass produce for a mass audience - Plaster AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastedf9w1h.jpg" /> 1875 Checkers up at the Farm + John Rogers AmericanSculpture
<img src="paste8cnvig.jpg" /> 1874 The Emancipation Group Thomas Ball AmericanSculpture
<img src="pasterlxzso.jpg" /> 1856 Puck Harriet Hosmer - So popular comissions for replicas supported her AmericanSculpture
<img src="paste1lklat.jpg" /> 1867 Forever Free Edmonia Lewis .. Freedom is inherent in our existence AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastesaciid.jpg" /> 1853 Nydia Randolph Rogers - Based on “Last Days of Pompeii” by Lynton AmericanSculpture
<img src="pasteqqrre8.jpg" /> 1867 after Ruth Randolph Rogers AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastec_8kst.jpg" /> 1858 Leander William Rinehart AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastexe1uce.jpg" /> 1869 Hero William Rinehart AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastebcwnul.jpg" /> 1861 The Falling Gladiator William Rimmer * Not only a consummate display of anatom knowl, but also representation of a human being racked in pain AmericanSculpture
<img src="paste1xgybc.jpg" /> 1861 c The Dying Centeur William Rimmer AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastew1f7l7.jpg" /> 1872 Flight and Pursuit William Rimmer * One ofthe most haunting and surreal image in 19th - Depths of troubled spirit AmericanSculpture
<img src="pasteur8fzx.jpg" /> 1830 Despair + William Rimmer - Psycho torment * Possibly 1st nude done in Am Marked AmericanSculpture
<img src="pastet5kclj.jpg" /> 1765 &"The American School&" Matthew Pratt * 1 of 1st pupils of West - Read Johnathan Richardson and &"du Fresnoy&"? ^ 2 classically oriented scholars; 17th century classicism of Poussin 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastexiqxvh.jpg" /> 1769 Departure of Regulus Benjamin West (1738 -1820) - Sampling of antiquity for modern interpretation, like David 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteexisfm.jpg" /> 1767 Mrs. Rebecca Boyleston John Singleton Copley (1738 -1820) * The people of this time, clients, lived by formal code of manners; their dress could be stately/beautiful * Some agree this is the consummate Copley portrait; zenith of American portraiture * Grand hymn for the ambitions that guided this society at its 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastegy9qeb.jpg" /> 1768 c Self -Portrait John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Never before had a NE portrait painter prospered so well from his profession 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastecbpyrv.jpg" /> 1769 (m.y.) c Mrs. Copley John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="paste4tc_fx.jpg" /> 1755 c The Gore Children John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Imitates features - therefore comes to his own form of Georgian Rococo elegance 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pastesyj7ig.jpg" /> 1755 Joshua Winslow John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * His ability to represent physical reality is superimposed over their styles 18thCenturyPortraits
<img src="pasteel2lx4.jpg" /> 1758 Mary and Elizabeth Royall John Singleton Copley (1738 -1815) * Marks the turning of Cop's career from a groping novice to a mature master painter 18thCenturyPortraits
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