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Progressive Era

Flashcards on the Progressive Era in US History.

Elected President in 1900. Who is McKinley?
Teddy Roosevelt was not happy with this President's policies on conservation. Who is William Howard Taft.
One of two groups not usually included in Labor Unions. Who are women and African-Americans.
The US helped this area gain its freedom from Columbia in the early 1900's. What is Panama.
These people weakened the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by their decisions. Who is the Supreme Court.
This country had the highest rate of industrial accidents in the world during the early 1900's. Who is the US.
These two books were a major influence on worker's rights in the early 1900's. "The Octopus" and "The Jungle."
Teddy Roosevelt's plan to fix society was called... What is the "Square Deal"
This major strike was settled once Teddy Roosevelt threatened to send troops in to run things. What is the Coal Mine Strike.
Union that enrolled members regardless of Gender, race, etc. Industrial Workers of the World
The push to let women vote was called... Women's Suffrage
Women were more often than not allowed to vote at this level of government first in the US State Level
This movement attempted to use science to show certain races were superior to others. Eugenics
Americans began reading more at the turn of the century, 1900's than previously in our history. True.
This NYC fire lead to a major push to improve working conditions for garment workers. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Teddy Roosevelt ran for president for this party in 1912. The Bull Moose Party
This president moved forward with Roosevelt's policies in 1908. William Howard Taft
Teddy Roosevelt did appreciated the Muckrakers, but had this major criticism about them... Focused too much on the negatives of the industrialized world.
The US auto industry boomed during WWI, because of the need for these vehicles by the military. Trucks.
The federal government only has jurisdiction over goods and services that are... Interstate in nature.
This early 1900's African-American leader tolerated segregation and advocated peaceful protests to gain equal rights. Who is Booker T. Washington?
This African-American leader was a co-founder of the NAACP. Who is W.E.B. DuBois?
This was established in Chicago to help immigrants and the poor. What is the Hull House?
She founded the Hull House. Who is Jane Addams?
This group was labeled the "Yellow Peril" by the press. Who were the Chinese Immigrants?
President Wilson allowed this policy to go on during his presidency, it kept workers of different races apart. What is segregation?
The ability of voters to re-vote and throw an elected official out of office before their term is up is called... What is recall?
This activists led the effort to improve working Conditions for children. Who is Mother Jones?
In 1903, The March of the Mill Children was an effort to improve this... The working conditions for children in Philadelphia textile mills.
Journalists who worked to expose what they considered the wrongs of society. Muckrakers
Photojournalist who showed the plight of NYC's homeless children. Jacob Riis
Author of "The Jungle" Upton Sinclair
A book detailing the bad habits of the meat packing industry. "The Jungle"
This Muckraker took on the Standard Oil Trust in her writings. Ida Tarbell
The ability of citizens to vote directly on issues was called... What is referendum.
A way for voters to get rid of a bad politician before their term was up. Recall
The process of a citizen being able to get ideas for bills placed on state ballots to become referendums. What is Initiative?
Giving jobs to political supporters. What is patronage?
Farmers joining together to help with agricultural practices and attempting to lower shipping prices by the railroads. Grange Movement
This attempt by farmer's to unionize later became the Grange Movement. National Farmer's Alliance
The belief that government can help solve the problems of Society. Progressivism
The central banking system of the United States, it regulated the interest rates and amount of money in circulation. Federal Reserve
President Taft's plan for reform was called this. League to Enforce Peace
This amendment allowed Congress to directly tax incomes. Sixteenth Amendment
This Amendment allowed for the direct election of US Senators. Seventeenth Amendment
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