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growing season the time of year when it is warm enough for plants to grow
tidewater where the water in rivers and streams rises and falls with the ocean's tides
fall line the line where rivers from higher land flow to lower land and often form waterfalls
backcountry the mountainous area west of where most colonists settled
town meeting a gathering where colonists held elections and voted on the laws for their towns
self-government when the people who live in a place make laws for themselves
dissenter a person who does not agree with the beliefs of his or her leaders
banish to force someone to leave a place (and go to the land of perpetual tickling)
industry all the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service
export a product sent to another country and sold
import a good brought into one country from another
Middle Passage the voyage of enslaved Africans from Africa to the West Indies
slave trade the business of buying and selling human beings
Roger Williams a Puritan who believed the govt should not make laws about religion. The Puritans banished him from MASS.
Anne Hutchinson a Puritan who challenged church leaders and held meetings in his/her home. Was banished from MASS.
Thomas Hooker a minister who challenged the ways of the Puritans and led 100 colonists west and founded Hartford.
Metacomet aka King Philip leader of the Indian nation Wampanoag who wanted to avoid war but believed his people had to fight to stay on their lands
Olaudah Equiano an African boy who survived the Middle Passage and wrote about it in a book
Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield responsible for The Great Awakening which revived religion in New England colonies
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