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3 Main Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
3 Main Allies Britain, France, USSR
2 Main Causes of WWII Imperialism and Appeasement
Germany Imperialism Rhineland, Spanish Civil War, Austria, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia
Beginning of WWII Invasion of Poland
Italian Imperialism Northern Africa, Greece, Yugoslavia
Japan Imperialism Manchuria, China
Why did the US enter WWII Japanese attack on Pearl harbor
Commander of US Naval Forces(Pacific) Nimitz
Where atomic bombs hit Hiroshima, Nagaski
Blitzkrieg "Lightning Warfare"
When did France fall 1940
European Leader Churchill
US President Roosevelt
German Leader Hilter
USSR Leader Stalin
Japan Leader Hirohito
Italian Leader Musolinni
Germans last offensive Battle of the Bulge
When did Pearl harbor occur 12/7/41 at 7:55 a.m.
What was sparred when the japanese called off the final wave of their attck Oil
Main Pearl Harbor consperacy FDR knew about the attacks
Where else was the US surpassed by the Japanese Philippenes
Why could Omaha landing not be avoided Gap between Utah and British would be too big
What is Enflide Firing? Criss-Cross firing
Why did the landing crafts not come in at the right target during Omaha? Wind and tides
When did troops come in during Omaha landing? Why? Low-tide. So they could see the German beach obstacles.
What allowed the US to be aware of the japanese battles in the battle of midway Code Breakers
What 3 ships never sail again after pearl harbor Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma
Importance of Midway? It was the turning point in the war. Showed to air-superioirity of the Allies.
Atomic Weapon used? Two bomb
Island hopping? Left the enemy soldiers stranded. Military bases.
Put these 4 terms in order from largest to smallest: War, Battle, Theater, Front War, Theater, Front, Battle
How did code breaking help the Allies? One example is they knew about the Battle of Midway through code breakers.
Where are the Aleutian Islands? Alaska
What is a hedgehog? Where was it used? An obstalce for tanks. Used in the Normandy Invasion (particularly at Omaha).
What is a DD Tank? A floating tank.
What happened at the Battle of the Bulge? What were they fighting for? Why? The final German offensive. FIghting for the city of Bastogne because of the crossroads.
What is a Rhino Tank? A tank that took down the hedgerows in the Normandy Invasion.
What is a hedgerow? Where were they? A row of hedges. The Normandy Invasion.
Why were hedgerows difficult for the Allies? Could not see the Germans behind them.
What is a Higgins Boat? Brought troops to the beach during the Normandy Invasion.
Normandy Invasion landings? Utah(U.S.), Omaha(U.S.), Gold(British), Juno(Canadian), Sword(British)
What started the Cold War? The end of WWII
Imperialism? Take over of another country.
Appeasement? Giving into others.
What is Operation Barbarrosa? Invasion of USSR. Germany now fighting a two front war.
What happened to Hitler? Commited suicide.
V-E Day Victory in Europe Day. May 8,1945
V-J Day Victory over Japan Day.
The Yalta Conference 1)Free Elections 2)Division into 4 occupational zones. 3) UN Ground Rules...mainly military power.
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