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Rybarczyk Midterm

Midterm Review

Brownv.Board of Education Supreme court case that reversed the Plessy v. Ferguson decision.
Political Parties Main job is the elct candidates into office
NC General Assembly North Carolina's legislative branch. The primary job is to make laws.
Fifth Amendment Grants the right to due process, double jeopardy, eminent domain, self-incrimination, grand jury
Liberal Veiwpoint on the political spectrum that favors increased governmetn spending
Political Spectrum Range of viewpoints on political issues. Includes radicals, liberals, moderates, conservatives and reactionaries
Articles of Confederation First plan of government for the colonies. Major weaknesses included lack of power for the federal govenrment and too much taxation from states.
Sixth Amendment Guarantees the right to an attorney
Qualifications for President Natural Born citizens, 14 year resident, 25 years old
Reserved Powers Established by the 10th amendment and guarantees powers to the states.
Southern colonies Mostly agricultural economy.
Congressional apportionment Population count(census) determines the number of representatives sent from each state.
Comparison of NC Constitution and U.S. Constitution The structure is basically the same
Platform A political parties principles, beliefs and positions on elction issues.
Mayflower Compact Established a tradition of town meetings and direct democracy
Magna Carta Document that helped establish the principle of limited power of a monarch
NC Council of State Part of the executive branch that is elected by voters
The Virginia Plan Plan favoring the larger states and called for representation based on population
The New Jersey Plan Plan favoring the smaller states and called for equal representation
Gibbons v. Ogden Supreme Court case setting the precedent of federal powers of state powers
Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution Guarantees and protects citizens rights and liberties
Great Compromise Solved the problem of representation in Congress and created a bicameral legislature
Property Tax Main form of revenue for county governments
Shay's Rebellion Event highlighting the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
Grant's in Aid Money awarded to the states to fund specific programs
Due Process of Law A citizen's right to a fair and equal treatement in the judicial system
Consent of the People Idea behind the Declaration of Independence and the basis for United States democracy
Article II Describes the responsibiltes of the Executive Branch
Authoriatarian Governemnt Type of government that controls most aspects of daily life
Multi-party Political system found in most democracies
Strict Interpretation of the Constitution The gederal governemtn can ONLY do what is specifically stated in the Consitution
Separation of Powers A system that ensures power is divided among several branches of govenrment and each can limit the power of the other
Pocket Veto The President ignored a bill for 10 days while Congress is out of session.
NC Judges Are electd by voters
Thomas Paine Author of "Common Sense", a pamphlet that urged the American colonists to seek independence from Britian
Appropriation and Tax Bills Constitution states that these types of bills must be introduced by the House of Representatives
Direct Democracy Citizens directly vote and impact government
Representative Democarcy Citizens elect representatives to make decisions for them
U.S. Amendment Process 2/3 of Congress propose and amendment and 3/4 of states approve an amendment
Electoral College Group of people named by each states to select the President and Vice President
Second Constitutional Congress Wrote the Declaration of Independance that officially separated the colonies from England.
Conference Committee Consists of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate and meets to decide on the details of a bill.
Department of Homeland Security Created after the attacks on September 11, 201 to prevent future terrorist acts.
Jamestown First permanent settlement in the New World
Created by: srybarczyk
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