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Genetics Exam II (2)

HU: Frankel

QuestionAnswer (1)Answer (2)
triplet code proven when you add three more codons and the reading form is still unaltered N/A
frame-shift mutation a genetic mutation caused by the insertion or deletion of number of nucleotides that is not evenly divisible by three N/A
degenerate code when majority of amino acids can have more than one codon N/A
What does it mean for a genetic code to NOT be ambiguous? any given codon only codes for ONE amino acid N/A
What did Nirenberg discover? a cell-free synthesizing system using Poly-U N/A
Poly-U only base is uracil codes for phenylalanine
How many codons are amino acids? 61 out of 64 N/A
"3 nonsense codons" serve as terminator codons UAA, UAG, UGA
What is the most common initiator codon? AUG N/A
What is the Shine-Delgarno sequence and where is it located? allows messenger to get affixed to the ribosome upstream five prime to the starting codon
In prokaryotes, what does the starting codon "AUG" code for? N-formylmethionine N/A
kozak consensus sequence place where ribosome can attach to messenger without being in the actual sequence N/A
In prokaryotes what does the starting codon "GUG" code for? N-formylmethionine N/A
amino acid for "UUU" phenylalanine N/A
amino acid for "AAA" lyscine N/A
amino acid for "CCC" proline N/A
amino acid for "GGG" glycine N/A
amino acid for "AUG" methionine N/A
amino acid for "GUG" valine N/A
"wobble" miss pairing between an anti-codon and a codon N/A
What combinations can code for the same amino acid? 1) xyA (pair w/) & xyG (wobbles w/) 2) xyC (pair w/) & xyU (wobbles w/) N/A
5 properties of genetic code 1) triplet code 2) non- overlapping 3) non-restrictive 4) degenerate code 5) NOT ambiguous N/A