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3 -American Revolut.

Unit 3 - The American Revolution

Who fought in the French and Indian War? The British versus the French and their Indian allies. The Spanish also joined in fighting the British.
What was the cause of the French and Indian War? The colonists wanted to expand over the Appalachian Mountains and the French were already there.
Who won the French and Indian War? The British
What did Britain get for winning the French and Indian War? Florida from Spain. Canada from the French and the land west of the Appalachians. (Basically North America)
What was a major effect on England from the French and Indian War? High war debt for Britain.
What did Britain do to pay off its war debt. Charged the colonists more taxes.
What is the Proclamation of 1763? It made it so colonists couldn't settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.
How did the colonists react to the Proclamation of 1763? They felt like England was just trying control them by not letting them settle further west.
What were the Intolerable Acts in response to? The Boston Tea Party where Bostonians destroyed tea that had come from England.
What were the 4 laws of the Intolerable Acts? 1) Closed Boston Ports 2) Limited Boston's Government 3) British official accused of a crime had to be tried in England 4) Colonists had to house and feed soldiers
Describe the Declaration of Independence. A document that announced the separation from England and explained why.
What are the 3 parts of the Declaration of Independence? 1) Preamble - How the colonists felt about Democracy 2) Body - Listed 27 grievances 3) Conclusion - Declared the colonies independent
What were the signers of the Declaration of Independence willing to give up by signing this treasonous document. Their lives, fortunes, and their honor.
What was a loyalist? A colonist that remained loyal to the British monarchy. They didn't want independence from Britain. (Loyal to the Royal)
What was a patriot? A colonist that wanted to be independent of Britain.
Who was Elijah Clarke? A Georgian Colonel. A leader of the militia at the Battle of Kettle Creek.
Who was Austin Dabney? A slave who was injured at the Battle of Kettle Creek.
Who was Nancy Hart? A Georgian woman that spied for the patriots and captured 6 loyalist soldiers in her home.
Who signed the Declaration of Independence? Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett, and George Walton.
Who won the Battle of Kettle Creek? The Georgia militia (American Patriots).
Why was the Battle of Kettle Creek important to Georgia? The militia got needed weapons and horses. Raised morale.
Who occupied the city during the Siege of Savannah? The British
Who was allied against the British during the Siege of Savannah? The French
What did the French do during the Siege of Savannah? Bombarded the city with cannon shot. It was not effective.
Who won the Siege of Savannah? The British. They held Savannah until the end of the American Revolution.
What is the Stamp Act? A Stamp must be placed on all official documents. It was a tax on colonists.
Why were colonists so upset about the Stamp Act? It was "taxation without representation".
What were the effects of the Stamp Act? Colonists protested and boycotted the stamps. Georgia colonists bought some but stopped. It was repealed after 1 year.
Created by: Georgiahistory