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Vocabulary for Industrialization and Immigration

18th Amendment outlawed the making, sale, and transporting of alcoholic beverages
agrarian society a society where most people make their living by farming
Alexander Graham Bell Invented the telephone
Angel Island a processing center for immigrants on the West Coast (many Chinese went through here)
assembly line method of mass production in which a product is put together as it moves past a line of workers
Blue Laws laws designed to solve social problems, such as alcohol abuse
capitalism An economic system where goods & services are privately or corporately owned and individuals are free to own or work for the business of their choosing with little government control. (Free enterprise)
cultural exchange the exchange of ideas, music, fashion and other cultural elements through trade and travel
Ellis Island A processing center for immigrants on the East Coast (mostly immigrants from Europe)
Entrepreneur someone who creates his/her own business
ethnic group group of people who share the same customs and language
Food and Drug Administration The government agency formed during the Industrial Revolution that tests & monitors all food and drugs for safe consumption.
Henry Ford invented the Model T, the first mass produced car in the United States
immigrant a person who moves to another country to live permanently
mass production making a large number of goods that are exactly alike
mechanization using machines to do work that used to be done by people
monopoly a company that has total control of a product or service
Progressives reformers who believed that society's problems could be solved by passing laws
Prohibition the period of time from 1920 to 1933 in the U.S. when it was illegal to make or sell alcohol
reform to change for the better
rural relating to the country (often associated with farming)
Samuel Morse Invented the telegraph, created Morse Code for sending messages on it.
strike refusal of workers to work until business owners meet their demands
sweatshop factory or workshop where people work under poor conditions
telegraph device that sends coded messages through wires using electricity
tenements building, especially in a poor section of a city, divided into small apartments with 1 or 2 rooms
Thomas Edison Invented the light bulb
urban relating to the city
urbanization Movement of people from rural areas to cities.
Wright Brothers Invented the airplane (tested at Kitty Hawk, NC)
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