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Chapter 5- vocab.

Apportioned distributed
Gerrymandering the process of drawing congressional district lines to favor a political party
Term Limits laws that limit the number of terms elected officials can serve
Franking Privilege the right of members of congress to mail official letters free of charge
Immunity legal protection
Expulsion the removal of a person from an institution, such as congress, for serious misconduct
Censure formal disapproval of a members action
Sessions meetings
Caucuses members in each house gather separately in private meetings
Majority Party the political party that has the most members in each house
Minority Party the political party that has fewer members
Floor Leader a political party leader in congress who works for the passage of bills the party favors
President Pro Tempore the official who presides over the senate in the vice presidents absence
Bills proposed laws
Committees small groups in congress formed to consider bills
Seniority System the custom of giving leadership of committees to members of congress with the most years of service
Elastic Clause Section 8, of the constitution; known also as the “necessary and prospers” clause that allows congress to extend its delegated powers
Party Whip job is to persuade members to vote for party sponsored legislation
Implied Powers the powers that congress has claimed under the elastic clause
Treason is an act that betrays or endangers ones country
Impeachment the procedure of drawing up and passing the list of charges in the house
ex post facto law a law that applies to an action that occurred before the law was passed
Bill of Attainder a law that sentences a person to prison without a trial
Writ of habeas corpus a court order requiring that the accuses person be brought to court
Constituents people represented by members of a law making body
appropriation bill a bill approving the spending of extra public money
act a law
quorum the minimum number of members who must be present before a legislative body can conduct business
Roll Call Vote a vote in congress in which a record is made of how each member votes
Filibuster a method of delaying action on a bull in the senate by making long speeches
Cloture a limit on the debate of a bill in the senate
pocket veto a mean by which the president can reject a bill, when congress is not in session, by not signing it
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