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Chapter 7 Vocab.JH:)

On June 1775, he became the commander of the Continental Army. George Washington
A professional soldier hired to fight for a foreign country. mercenary
An overall plan of action. strategy
A meeting. rendezvous
The series of conflicts that led to the British surrender was known as... Battles of Saratoga
A country that agrees to help another country achieve a common goal. ally
A 19-year-old French nobleman who volunteered to serve in Washington's Army. Marquis de Lafayette
Long steel knives attached to the ends of guns. bayonet
When soldiers left a military duty without intending to return. desert
A privately owned ship that a wartime government gives permission to attack an enemy's merchant ships. privateer
A 14-year-old buy, who was the son of a free African-Americansail maker. James Forten
A continental Navy officer who won the most famous sea battle. John Paul Jones
A British general from South Carolina. Lord Cornwallis
Small bands of fighters who weaken the enemy with surprise raids and hit-and-run attacks. guerrillas
Mostly Quakers, who opposed war. pacifist
When French and American troops bombarded Yorktown with cannon fire, turning buildings to rubble. Battle of Yorktown
This treaty ended the Revolutionary war. Treaty of Paris of 1783
This idea stated that instead of a king, the people would rule. republicanism
Was sued for her freedom in a Massachusttes court and won. Elizabeth Freeman
A preacher that helped start the Free African Society. Richard Allen
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