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Civics Vocab

March 30

Standing Committee A permanent committee of Congress that focuses on a particular area
Seniority System A system that gives the most desirable committee assignments to members of Congress who have served the longest
House Rules Committee Committee that determines how buisness will be conducted in the House of Representatives
Joint Committee A committee that includes members of both houses of Congress
Conference Committee A joint committee of Congress consisting of members of the House and the Senate to work on the details of a proposed law
Public Hearing Meeting for the public to express its views
Act (blank)
Law A legal document where a rule of order is established and enforced by the authority and legislation of a community, state, or nation
Pocket Veto The President's power to kill a bill, if Congress in not in session, by not signing it for 10 days
Cloture A procedure used in the Senate to limit debate on a bill
Town Meetings A gathering of local citizens to discuss and vote on important issues
Intrastructure A community's system of roads, bridges, water, and sewers
Legal Code Set of laws and punishments
Code of Hammurabi From 18th century BCE Mesopotamia, earliest known legal code
10 Commandments Include morals and rules about how people should act toward one another
Administrative Law Law that governs the power of regulatory agencies
Consumer Protection Government laws, regulations, and agencies that make sure products are healthy and safe
Franking Privilege The right of members of Congress to send work-related mail w/o paying postage
Press Release A written or recorded communication sent to the media by gov't, an organization, or an individual
Long-term Suspension (blank)
Three Strikes Laws (blank)
Confiscation of Property Seizing of property
Mental Institutions Private and public health services to help those with mental health problems
Long Term Incarceration Locking a person up in jail or prison
Created by: Civics123