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Chapter 7 Vocab KL

The commander of the Continental Army. George Washington
A professional soldier that is hired to fight for a foreign country. mercenary
An overall plan of action. strategy
A time of meeting someone. rendezvous
A series of conflicts between General Burgoyne and the Continental Army. Burgoyne surrendered. Battles of Saratoga
A country that helps another country. ally
A 19 year old French nobleman who volunteered in Washington's Army. Marquis de Lafayette
A knife attached to the end of a gun. bayonets
To leave military service without plans of return. desert
A privately owned ship that was used in combat. privateer
A 17 year old who answered the call for privateers. James Forten
A naval hero who won several battles against the British navy. John Paul Jones
The leader of a big British army. Lord Cornwallis
Small bands of fighters who use the hit-and-run tactic. guerillas
People who oppose war. pacifist
The last major battle in the war. Battle of Yorktown
The document that ended the Revolutionary War. Treaty of Paris of 1783
The believe that the people should rule. republicanism
An African American who was sued for being free , but she won the trial. Elizabeth Freeman
A preacher who helped start the Free African Society. Richard Allen
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