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The Declaration 1776

vocabulary & 1776 questions

Which word means everyone agrees? unanimous
Which word means a country that agrees to help another country reach a common goal? ally
Which word means disloyalty to one's country or government? treason
Which word means a person who supports and defends their country? This is a colonist who wanted freedom for America. Patriot
Which word means a person who supports the existing government in time of revolt? This is a colonist who supported King George. Loyalist
Which word means to make known or clearly stated? declare
Which word means a written formal agreement between countries to have peace or alliance? treaty
Which word means freedom? liberty
Who was the oldest member of the Second Continental Congress Committee of 5? Ben Franklin
Who was "obnoxious & disliked" but achieved his goal of getting the Second Continental Congress to vote for independence? John Adams
Who was the main author of the Declaration? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the Second Continental Congress member that voted for independence because he was afraid of "being remembered"? James Wilson
What are the 3 main parts of the Declaration of Independence? Basic Rights, British Wrongs, An Independent Nation
According to the Declaration, what are the 3 Basic Rights entitled to all people because they exist? Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
What is the official date of American Independence? July 4, 1776
Who was the commander of the Continental Army in 1776? General George Washington
Who was the President of the Second Continental Congress and the first to sign the Declaration? John Hancock
What controversial issue was removed from the original Declaration because the south would not agree to it? ending slavery
According to Thomas Jefferson, what was the reason to write the Declaration? To explain to the world the reasons for the rebellion
Why does Thomas Jefferson say independence is necessary? King George III took away the colonists' basic rights
Was the final vote for independence unanimous? yes
Created by: LindaScherrer