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6th gr SS quiz,10/24

Words for Unit 1-3 in your text book

The study of evidence from the past, things left behind Archeology
The time before written communication Prehistory
Objects made by people Artifacts
Evidence from the distant past such as remains, bones, or once living humans or plants Fossils
Accepted explanations made by scientists theories
humans and species with humanlike characteristics hominids
The old stone age Paleolithic Era
To move from one place or another Migrate
The beginning of this is represented by homo sapiens and early modern humans Humankind
Ways to do or make things. This can include complex tools used for specific purposes. Technology
When something changes to fit the surroundings. Adapt
A synonym for surroundings Environment
No longer found on Earth Extinct
People who kill and forage for food Hunters and Gatherers
The result of something happening Consequence
Created by: MsPotts