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History 10/2111

quiz on president

Whats the qualification for president? natural born citizen, 35 years old, live in country for 14 years
What branch is the President under? Executive
Was the President originally designed to be powerful, weak or middle? Very Powerful
Whats happened as well as in growth of US power Office grown in Power
What makes us a world power ww1
What makes us the world power ww2
Purpose of Chief of State Greet other heads of states, becomes head of gov ceremonially. Symbol to the world
Purpose of World Leader By default no other super powers, spend more on defense than next 5 countries combined.
Purpose of Chief Diplomat Devises our foreign policy, goes through secretary of state, actions carefully followed by other
Purpose of Commander and Chief Military leader-commits troops to action, presides over foreign affairs, direct and immediate control
Purpose of Chief Executive CEO of USA. Hires and fires agency heads and cabinet members still not all powerful
Purpose of Chief Legislative sets the law making agenda, suggests requests, insists and demands, plus congress doesn't always follow
Purpose of Chief of Party leads his party, appoints party leaders, role not actually mentioned in the constitution
Purpose of protector of peace both foreign and domestic, after natural disaster he is expected to come
Purpose of moral leader consider the chief citizen, president can speak out against others, president bush used morals to be elected
Presidency originally designed to be ---- --------. Article 1,2, or 3 relatively brief very powerful, 2
How much the office of president holds is directly related to persons -------------- of ------------ interpretation, constitution
A president does what with a bill? can sign it become law, veto, or ignore it.
What can congress do to override a presidents veto? Have a 2/3 vote
What happens after 10 days that a bills been sent to the president if not signed and congress is in session? the bill becomes law
What happens after 10 days that a bills been sent to the president if not signed and congress is not in session? The bill dies
Created by: TAbernathy