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Unit 3 history mr.k


what were the two economic incentives foregin natural resources, and new market
defense against expanding nations national security
spread medicine, law and christian religion humanitarian goals
justified the conquest of weaker races social darwinism
what country was the scramble for africa belgium
who was the king of the conquest of Congo started European race king leopold the second
partitioned most of continent Berun conference
who was the empire that influnced the middle east Ottoman
what as the treaty of the opium war treaty of nanjing
what did the treaty of nanjing do forced china to foregin to trade
investment in sugar cane plantations, property destroyed american interests
this person places 300,000 cubans in concentration camps general weyler
what were wrong with the concentration camps hunger and disease
who said "not civilized warfare but extermination" Mckinley
what two people competed for the newspaper Pulitzer and Hearst
what does butche stand for Weyler
what year was the De Lome letter feb 13 1898
what did the spanish letter leak to the newspaper talk about it criticized Mckinly, it called him weak and a bidder for the admiration of the crowd
mysteriously explodes in harbor of havanna the U.S.S Maine
how many men were killed in the U.S.S Maine explosion 260 men
who invaded the philippines america
where did america invade at in the philippines manila
how long did it take for the spanish to surrender two months
how many volunteers converged on santiago 17,000
who was the volunteers led by rough riders
who was the cavalry led by teddy roosevelt
victory that led to spanish defeat san juan hill
what were the american soils terrirories guan, puerto rico, philipines
letters addresses to leaders of imperialist nations proposing that nations share trading rights with the U.S open door policy
chinese secret society sought to free country for western influence boxer rebellion
what rights were granted to puerto ricans by congress in 1917 the right to extend citizenship
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