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SS - Oct 28 Test

SW Asia/M.E. History

Pogrom Organized massacres
Diaspora Scattering of Jews for their originial home land
Minority Smaller gorup of people who differs from and who are treated differently than the rest of the population
Anti-Semitism Hatred or discrimination towards Jewish people
Holocaust Killing of people (jews included) that did not fit Hitler's view of the perfect German race
Genocide planned and organized killing of a group of people based on their race,religion or culture
Promised Land Land of Israel promised to the Jews in the Torah
Zionism Idea that people around the world had that the Jews needed their own homeland in Palestine.Later these same people supported the creation of the country of Israel
Zion Term used by Jews to talk about their ancient land of Israel- their "Promise land."
What are 4 facts about the Ottoman Empire? 1.It started in Turkey,2.Capital of the empire is Istanbul,3.Osman started it,4.Currently only in Turkey
Why did the Jews leave their homeland in the first place? The Roman army forced them to leave
Where did the Jews go? Describe their treatment in their new land Anywhere they could go that was safe (they basically went all over the place),they were treated with hatred or discrimination
What countries were involved in the Persian Gulf War and what was the cause of this? Iraq and Kuwait, Kuwait was taking more oil than hey were allowed to from oil fields (Iraq illegally invaded Kuwait)
Who and what are the people and key events of the Perisan Gulf War? Saddam Hussein,George H. Bush, operation desert storm.
What was the outcome of the Persian Gulf War? Kuwait became a offical country,Iraq surrenders,They leave Kuwait and destroy WMDS. (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
What countries were involved in the September 11th attacks and what was the cause of this? U.S. and Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda believed the U.S. was evil
Who and what are the people and key events of the September 11th attacks? Al-Qaeda (terrorist group) led by Osama-Bin-Laden
What was the outcome of the September 11th attacks? 3,000 American citizens died.Starts international effort to fight
What countries were involved in the Invasion of Afghanistan and what was the cause of this? U.S. and Afghanistan. U.S. wants to capture those responsible for the al- Qaeda attacks on 9/11.
Who and what are the people and key events of the Invasion of Afghanistan? Osama bin-Laden, Taliban (radical Muslim government). Taliban protects bin-Laden. U.S. troops topple the Taliban government.
What was the outcome of the Invasion of Afghanistan? U.S. is still fighting to keep Taliban rule from returning. Osama bin-Laden was found and killed.
What countries were involved in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and what was the cause of this? Iraq and U.S. Bush thought Iraq was a threat to the U.S. Hussein was accused of having WMDs and aiding terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda.
Who and what are the people and key events of the Operation Iraqi Freedom? Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush. U.S. invades Iraq. Hussein loses power.
What was the outcome of the Operation Iraqi Freedom? American forces remain in Iraq since the Invasion began,trying to stop the fighting. U.S. in Iraq is also trying to organize a more democratic government.
1800's Jews suffer than flee ____ and ____ in Eastern Europe Anti-semitism and porgroms
1890's The ____ movement forms in _____ Zionist and Europe
1914-1918: The ____ were on the losing side of ____ Ottomans and WW1
1914-1918: Conflict over land worsened with the ____ of the Ottoman Empire after WW1 Collapse
1920 ____ got control of _____ (British Mandate) Great Britan and Palestine
1945 End of WWII;thousands of Jews left ____ Homeless
1947- Great Britain calls in help of the United nations (UN) to help divide Palestine "____", between ____ and _____ Palestinians Fairly,Jews,and Arab
1948-First Arab-Israeli War (between Israel and 6 other ____ Muslim nations in the Middle East) Arab
1948- ____ declare the modern state of ____ a religious and political community for ALL Jewish people Jews and Israel
1949- ____- ANY Jewsih person from around the world can move to Israel and automatically become a citizen Law of Return
Created by: Avery Lamb
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