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Explorers & Natives

Review for 2011 7th graders for the Exploration and Beyond Quiz

Advanced military technology gave this group the advantage during the Age of Exploration. Spanish
Where were the worlds earliest successful civilizations located? River valleys
When a group conquers another to get their land and resources this is called imperialism
This led to a shortage of labor in Europe because of the number of deaths it caused. Black Death
This also led to a shortage of labor in Europe because of the deaths caused. smallpox
Archaeologists use these to study history artifacts
Both medieval Europe and Latin America had a pyramid that divided people into social classes
The Mayas and the Aztecs were located in Central America
Land surrounded on three sides by water is a peninsula
Economics focuses on scarcity
The interactions which developed across the Atlantic were called triangular trade
After Tenochtitlan fell the entire empire of these people fell Aztec
The Incas were well known for these because it kept their empire strong roads
If you are using a colony to benefit the mother power you are in this economic system mercantilism
Early European explorers were looking for a shorter route to ASIA
Most historians believe early peoples arrived in North America by a _____ _______. LAND BRIDGE
AZTECS, INCAS, AND MAYANS were CIVILIZED before they met _________. EUROPEANS
NATIVE AMERICAN often died from _____________ brought by the SPANISH EXPLORERS DISEASES
If I found animal bones, animal hair, and nut shells buried in the ground in your backyard I could INFER that you were a what? HUNTER
A four-letter synonym for MIGRATION is MOVE
Most scientists accept the theory that there was a a L____ B_____ from Asia to Alaska. LAND BRIDGE
If you live somewhere that is dry, has very few trees, and very little water you are probably in a DESERT
If you live in a place that is very flat with lots of grass but few trees you are probably living in the GRASSLANDS
If you live in a place that is very flat with lots of grass but few trees you are probably living in the GREAT PLAINS
If you live near the ocean or another large body of water you are probably living near the _______ COAST
Early European explorers were looking for a shorter route to which continent? ASIA
Created by: ekvmartin
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