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8SS-Chapter 3

Colonial North Carolina

How did the Woodland Indians live? they lived in small, family centered towns, and grew corn, hunted and fished
What did the Columbian Exchange create? an interest in maps
What was the Lost Colony? the 3rd attempt to colonize Roanoke led by John White
Why did the French explore the Americas? they became traders who developed economic relationships with the Indians
What was the main motive for Portuguese exploration? they used economics and religion to justify their terrritorial claims
Why did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain support exploration? They wanted to gain more wealth and bring Catholicism to Asia
Why did the English begin to colonize the New World? they wanted to monitor the Spanish and gain land and jobs for its population
Who settled in North Carolina? a group of colonists from Virginia
Why were Europeans not successful in conquering African Kingdoms? Africans had effective defenses and the weapon of disease
What were the 2 most important scientific developments of the Renaissance? advances in shipbuilding and navigation
What did the Algonquian Indians on Roanoke Island think of the English? they made gestures of friendship a traded with the English
What are some common characteristics shared by Native American groups in North Carolina? they lived in family based small villages and their lives revolved around the seasons
What did the English believe about the Native Americans? they believed they were less educated and less intelligent than the Europeans
Why did the Europeans introduce horses to the Native Americans? because of their earlier trading encounters with Africa and Asia
What did the Native Americans believe about the world? that the world was spiritual and they wanted to keep things in harmony
Why did John White's colony become known as the "Lost Colony?" He went back to England for supplies and when he came back all of the settlers were gone without a trace.
How did sugar plantations pave the way for slavery? Owners enslaved the natives to work the plantations and when they died they turned to enslaving Africans for their work force.
What are some of the beliefs of the Native Americans? they lived in small towns and had strong family ties; their lives revolved around the seasons; they didn't see land as property
Why did the English begin their own ventures in America? they didn't want Spain to dominate the world; they needed more land and jobs for its growing population
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