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chapter 6 vocab bv

The British Monarch who wanted to enforce the Proclamtion. KIng George 3
Colonists had to house British soldiers and provide them with supplies. Quartering Act
Income revenue
Tax placed on sugar, molasses and other products shipped in the colonies Sugar Act
This law required all legal and commercial documents to carry an official stamp showing that a tax had been paid Stamp act
A member of Virginia's House of Burgesses. Patrick Henry
refusal to buy boycott
Famous group that opposed British policies Sons of Liberty
placed duties, or import taxes, on various goods brought into the colonies such as glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea Townshend Acts
search warrants writs of assistance
Leader of the Sons of liberty Samuel Adams
British Redcoats killed 5 men Boston Massacure
Defended the soldiers in court John Adams
Group that exchanged letters on colonial affairs. committees of correspondence
A couple of men boarded tea ships and destroyed a lot of tea. Boston Tea party
A force of armed civilians pledged to defend their community. militia
A group that would be ready at a minute's warning minutemen
Acts that were passed because of the Boston Tea Party Intolerable acts
Delegates voted to ban all trade with Britian until tolerable acts repealed. First continential congress
he took a midnight ride Paul Revere
First battles of the Revolutionary war Lexington and Concord
people who supported the British Loyalists
People who sided with the rebels Patriots
Led the Green Mountain Boys Ethan Allen
cannon and large guns artillery
Where delegates decided to form the Continental Army Second Continental Congress
was formed at the second contiental congress Continental Army
One leader of the expedition Benedict Arnold
Document to declare Independence from Britian Declaration Of Independence
He wrote the Declaration of independence Thomas Jefferson
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