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Chapter 6 US History

King George III the British monarch that passed many taxes among the colonies after the French and Indian War
Quartering Act a cost- saving measure that required colonists to house soldiers and provide for their supplies
revenue income
Sugar Act a law that placed a tax on sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to the colonies; called for strict enforcement for this act and harsh punishment of smugglers
Stamp Act passed by parliament in 1765 and required all legal and commercial documents to have an official stamp that showed a tax had been paid (diplomas, wills, contracts, newspaper)
Patrick Henry a member of Virginia's House of Burgesses that called for resistence against the stamp act
boycott a refusal to buy
Sons of Liberty a famous secret society that opposed the British policies
Crispus Attucks a former slave that was shot in the Boston massacre
Townshend Acts a series of laws that were passed in 1767 and was thought of by the king's financer: Charles Townshend
Samuel Adamsa a leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty
Boston Massacre a shooting that took place on March 5, 1770 between a group of youths including Crispus Attucks and dockworkers which ended up w/ 5 youths dead including Attucks
John Adams a lawyer and cousin of Samuel Adams and defended the soldiers that fired in the Boston Massacre
committees of correspondence they exchanged letters on colonial affairs and Samuel Adams helped for this group
Boston Tea Party a group of men that disguised themselves as natives and boarded 3 tea ships and dumped 342 chests of teas into the Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773
Intolerable Acts also known as the coercive acts that were passed to punish Massachusetts for what happened at the Boston Tea Party
First Continental Congress September 1774, delegates from each state except for Georgia met in Philadelphia and voted to ban all trade with Britain until the intolerable acts were repealed
Paul Revere a Boston silversmith that was ordered to spread the news about the British soldiers movements
Lexington and Concord the first two battles of the Revolutionary War and were also known as the shot heard 'round the world
Loyalists those who supported the British
Patriots those who sided with the rebels
Ethan Allen led the Green Mountain Boys and attacked Britain's Fort Ticonderoga on May 10, 1775
artillery cannons and large guns
Second Continental Congress a meeting on May 10 that included delegates in Philadelphia
Continental Army commanded by commanding general, George Washington and formed by the Second Continental Congress
Benedict Arnold a leader who played a role at the battle at Fort Ticonderoga
Declaration of Independence the document that declared independence from Britain and was written by Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson the writer of the Declaration of Independence and was from Virginia was also an excellent writer
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