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United Nations

Intergovernmental Organizations institution created and joined by states' governments
United Nations purposes Maintain intl peace and security, Develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self determination of peoples,
United nations purposes cont. Achieve intl cooperation in solving intl. problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian
General Assembly established as main deliberative body of the UN, all members equally represented according to 1 state/1 vote formula
General Assembly voting most decisions made by simple majority vote, resolutions passed are non binding
UN funding top 10 countries contributed 72% of UN regular budget, other countries contributed 27.8
Largest contributor to UN United States is largest contributor, contributes max allowed 22%
Security Council responsible for maintaining Intl. peace and security,
5 permanent members of Security Council US, France, China, UK, Russia. 10 non permanent members elected by GA for 2 year terms
security council decisions decisions must be approved by 9 members w/ no permanent members issuing veto
Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) 54 members elected by General Assembly for 3 year terms; coordinates the economic and social work of the UN
Secretariat carries out the administrative work of the UN.
Current Secretariat General Ban Ki-Moon
International Court of Justice Decides disputes b/w member states if they agree to participate. 15 justices for 9 year terms.
Agenda setting bringing an issue to the attention of political decision makers and the general public
Peace keeping new security role, protecting civilians
Collective security has not fulfilled its role in providing collective security except for Korea War and 1st Persian Gulf War
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