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American History

Chapter 16 Terms and Names

Key Terms and NamesDefinitions and Identities
Joseph Stalin Dictator of the Soviet Union
totalitarian type of government; no rights, death to opposition
Benito Mussolini Dictator of Italy
fascism type of government; places nationalism above individual interests; extreme patriotism
Adof Hitler Dictator of Germany
Nazism German fascism
Francisco Franco Dictator of Spain
Neutrality Acts Laws passed to ban the sale of guns to nations at war
Neville Chamberlain British prime minister; signed the Munich Agreement
Winston Churchill British prime minister during WWII
appeasement giving up principles to pacify and aggressor
nonaggression pact an agreement to not go to war against each other
blitzkrieg war tactic; spreading terror and confusion; lightening war
Charles de Gualle French general; set up French government in exile
Holocaust the systematic murder of 11 million people in Europe
Kristallnacht "Night of broken glass" Jewish homes, synagogues, and businesses attacked
genocide the systematic killing of an entire population
ghetto segregated neighborhood
concentration camp labor camps
Axis powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Lend-Lease Act a plan to lend or lease supplies to countries whose defense was vital to the U.S.
Atlantic Charter a joint declaration of arms by Britain and U.S.
Allies nations fighting the axis powers
Hideki Tojo Cheif of Staff of Japan's army
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