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Dat bio


_______ soft flexible conn tissue needed for flexibility and firmness cartilage
___ is dense and composed of haversian system ( osteons) Compact bone
____ contain spiracles of yellow and red marrow Spongy bone
___ builds bone osteoBlast
______ destroys bone, bone resorption osteoclast
_______ ______ cartilage replace by bone endochondral ossification
_____ immovable joints sutures
___ join bone to bone ligament
___ join muscle to bone tendon
muscle cell aka fiber
______ membrane around individual muscle cell endomysium
membrane around the bundle of muscle cell perimysium
membrane around the muscle organ/ belly gaster epimysium
_______ bundles of filaments in the muscle fiber myofibril
Myofibrils contain contractile units sarcomeres
sarcomeres have _____ thin filaments and ___ are the thick filament actin, myosin
A band dArk band, where thick and thin overlap is darkest
I band lIght band, only thin filament
H zone has only thick filaments, is the middle of A band
during contraction only _____ are reduced H zone and I bands
neuromuscular junction b/t nerve terminal and sarcolemma/ muscle fiber
________ released at neuromusc junction Ach, acetylcholine
hows contraction initiated in a muscle - nerve signal open Ca channels in synaptic bulb - ACh release in synaptic cleft -Ach binds to receptors on sarcolemma -surge of Na in and K out - voltage gate open cuzing action potential - sarcoplasmic reti release Ca -Ca causes contaction of sar
all or none respose stimuls must be at threshold value to elicit a contraction
simple twitch response of a single muscle fiber to a stimulus above threshold
tetanus stong and prolonged contraction in response to frequent stimuli
smooth muscles perform involuntary actions
smooth muscles controlled by Autonomic nervous system
smooth muscle characteristics 1 nucleus no striations
cardiac muscle are striated 1 or 2 nuclei
_____ maintains oxygen supply in muscles, has high affinity to Oxygen myoglobin
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