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French Revolution 1


What was the third estate? poor, commen, lower class people, third class
why was the 3rd estate mad at the french government? because they were the only ones to pay taxes and lived like slaves while 1st and 2nd lived like kings
what was the reign of terror? when the 1st and 2nd estate became victoms, decapataion
how was the american revolution different from the French Revolution? American= organized mad, French= un organized and really angry
How was French Revolution brought under control? Napolean comes and forces control during the reign of terror.
Why did the revolution cause fear in the leadership of other European nations? because they feared other revolutions in their nations.
What was the "Concert of Europe" it was the first attempt where the concert of europe wanted to put peace back in France. Called that bbecause it was like a concert with nations as instraments
What was the Congress system? A deveoplment of alliances.
Why was the Congress system needed in the 19th century? because peacuful disputes betwwen contries and a development of modern weapons.
what was the man motivation of Nationalists at the Congress? wanted everyone with the same unique characteristics to live together under the same rule like them.
What was the main motivation of Liberalists at Congress? they wanted boundaries drawn to reflect and that people could vote on leaders
What was the main motivation of Conservatives on the Congress? they wanted to restore Congress in the old way.
what changes did Napoleon make that made the Congress necessary? he erased all politics
why was Napoleon such an effective leader? he used tactics learned from Alexander the Great and he studies his oponents.
Which group dominated the Congress? Conservatists
What steps did the Concervatists take? the put money in power
How did the other 2 groups react to the domination of the Congress? they started to protest
Did the Congress system work? Yes and no, worked untill ww1 aand ww2
What was limited warfare? how did it affect the war? before industrial revolution, limited just to military targets
What was total warfare? after industrial revolution, civilians become targetsbecause they are trying to cute of supplies.
Created by: rootytooty02