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ch. 21

fast paced life urban or rural urban
support urban or rural urban
small town atritubries urban or rural rural
religious urban or rural rural
use traditonal values "new morality"
glorified personal freedom "new morality"
drinking, gambling, casual dating, new lifestyle for women scientific discoveries
volstead act, amendment? 18, helped prohibition
effects of 18th amendment organized crime increased, federal police power increased
bootleggers smuggled liquor
speakeasies hidden nightclubs and saloons
fundamentalism bible is true with no errors, rejected evolution, popular in south, billy sunday
Butler act of 1925 TN law outlawed teaching evolution
scopes trial, who? john t. scopes, biology teacher
flappers women who embraced fashion
prosecuted scopes william jennings bryan
al capon 18th amendment
billy sunday priest, baseball player
aimee mcpherson billys friend
twenties woman few jobs, earned less than men
double standard granting greater sexual freedom to men then women
expanding school enrollments more money in taxes for school funds
birth of pop culture higher wages, shorter hours
radio KDKA in pittsburg 1st commercial radio broadcast
gertrude ederle swam english channel
babe ruth baseball player
helen willis womens tennis
charles lindberg flight across atlantic
george gershwin merged jazz w/ classic summertime
gerorgia okeeffee paintings w intense color
sinclair lewis writer
f scott fitzgerald great gatsby
ernest hemingway writer
oscar depriest 1st black rep
harlem renaissance great migration
james johnson NAACP lawyer. influenced anti lynch laws
marcus garvey jamaican immigration
universal negro improvement ass. return to africa. garvey jailed
claude mckay communist, poet
angstom hughes anti lynch poetry
cotton club black proformers. jack johnson
paul robeson actor
louis armstrong trumpet
duke ellington jazz magician
bessie smith singer
scopes trial.... bio teacher taught evolution. showed its a struggle
womens lives drink, smoke, dresses, short hair, assertive.
Created by: feliciakirch
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