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What significant act happened in 1787 that caused tension between North & South? Constitution Ratified; slaves counted as 3/5 w/no rights / tension North vs South
What invention increased the demand for Slaves? 1793: Eli Whitney north events cotton gin, demand for slaves (blank)
What significant event happened in 1803 that increase the size of the U.S.? Louisiana Purchase, doubles size of U.S., tension over ext slavery
William Lloyd Garrison 1831: Abolistionist news paper "The Liberator" (blank)
Nat Turner 1831: Led slave revolt killed 55 whites (blank)
What happened between 1846-1848 that increased territories for the U.S.? War w/Mexico adds territory, re-ignites debate (blank)
Harriet Beecher Stowe 1851: wrote best seller "Uncle Tom's Cabin" humanizes slaves (blank)
What political party was founded between 1854-1855? Republican party founded by anti-slavery Northerners (blank)
Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854: allows incoming settlers to decide on slavery (blank)
Dred Scott decision 1857: Supreme Court decides slaves have no right repected by whites (blank)
Haitian Revolt 1791: Toussaint L'Overture led slave revolt in Haiti (blank)
Gabriel Prosser 1800: Organized uprising in Virginia / foiled by 2 frightened slaves (blank)
Denmark Vesey 1822: organized large slave revolt, but foiled (blank)
John Brown 1800-1859: Abololutionist, raided Harpers Ferry, Virgina (blank)
Mary Chesnut 1823-1886: recorded dislike of slavery and life in the Confederacy (blank)
John C. Calhoun 1782 - 1850: Served as Vice Pres, Sec War & State / believed in States Rights (blank)
Jefferson Davis 1808-1889: Pres of Confederacy / born in KY / Grad West Point (blank)
Frederick Douglas 1817-1895: Escaped slavery, Anti-Slavery, advocate for use of black troops (blank)
Samuel Houston 1793-1863: Commander of Texas Reveloution / Pres & Gov of Texas / refuse to accept Confederacy (blank)
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865: Pres from 1860-65, Led Union / assassinated 6 days after surrender of Confederacy (blank)
Elisah Hunt Rhodes 1842-1917: fought for North / documented the 4 year war (blank)
Sam Watkins 1839-1901: fought for South / documented the war (blank)
Wilmer McClean Civil began in his yard and and ended in his house / even though he moved (blank)
How many places was the Civil War fought 10,000 (blank)
In what Civil War battle did more American fall than in all previous American Wars combined Battle of Shiloh 6-7 Apr 1862 (blank)
Out of 100 slaves, how many could expect to reach age 60 fewer than 4 out of 100 (blank)
Who said maintaining slavery was like holding a wolf by the ears Thomas Jefferson (blank)
Harriet Tubman Known as "Moses" by slaves led to the north (blank)
What book about slavery sold more that 1.5 million copies worldwide Uncle Tom's Cabin (blank)
Who said "A house divided against itself cannot stand" Abraham Lincoln (blank)
Which U.S. Army officer captured John Brown Robert E. Lee (blank)
Who was the first president of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis (blank)
What target did Gen Beauregard order his confederate troops to open fire on? Fort Sumter, SC (blank)
What city became the capitol of the Confederate government? Richmond, VA (blank)
What was "The Great Skedaddle" Discouraged Union troops after the loss at the first battle at Bull Run (blank)
Hiram Ulysses (U.S.) Grant 1822-1885: North's most effect General / West Point Grad / elected Pres 1868 (blank)
George B. McClellan 1825-1885: West Point Grad / hesitant to engage confederacy / removed by Lincoln / unsuccessful bid for Presidency 1864 (blank)
Nathan Bedford Forrest 1821-1877: former slave dealer / raised own Confederate Regiment / most daring Calvary Officer (blank)
What battles on 6 & 16 Feb, 1862, became 1st major victories for the Union & Grant? Battles of Ft Henry, TN & Ft Donelson, TN / 4,332 CASUALTIES First major victory for North; put KY & TN back in Union / U.S. Grant instant hero
What happened on 20 Feb, 1862 that effected President Lincoln emotionally? Pres Lincoln's son dies / Willie Lincoln Little time to mourn / back to working 18 hour days
What major battle happened on 9 Mar, 1862, in Hampton Roads, VA? Battle of Ironclads / Merrimac vs. Monitor, Hampton Roads, VA First iron-hulled ships fight to stand off / North & South rush to build more
What Union Gen decided to make a major troop movement to Richmond, VA on 13 Mar, 1862, but takes 3 weeks? Gen McClellan plans to move 121,500 troops to Richmond, but takes 3 weeks, and 400 boats to land forces at Ft Monroe on VA coast Vastly outnumbered Confederates wait for McClellan determined to defend their homes
Between 4 to 7 April, 1862, what Confederate Gen staged a theatrical troop movement to fool a Union General? Gen Jeb Magruder stages theatrical troop movement and fools Gen McClellan Gen McClellan decides to attack Yorktown instead
What battle was fought between 6 to 7 April, 1862, which saw heavy casualties, but victory for the Union? Battle of Shiloh at Pittsburgh Landing in TN; 23,700 casualties Despite North victory, Grant is criticized for high loss; South losses Gen Albert S. Johnston
What executive order did Pres Lincoln sign on 16 April, 1862? Lincoln prohibits slavery in DC first step that led to full emancipation
What Confederate city was taken by the Union Navy on 24 April, 1862? Battle of New Orleans; Admiral David Farragut sails past fort at mouth of MS to take city Lower MS falls into Union hands / obstructs Confederate supply lines to TX
What Lincoln cabinet member was said that "he was so corrupt, the only thing he wouldn't steal was a red-hot stove? Sec of War, Simon Pete Cameron (blank)
After Ft Donelson, what were the initials in U.S. Grant's name said to stand for? Unconditional Surrender Grant (blank)
What commander was nicknamed the VA Creeper Gen George McClellan (blank)
William Black yougest boy in the war / 11 years old / almost twelve when he signed up (blank)
How many people were killed at Shiloh 2,477 men / 23,000 casualties (blank)
What new bullet was introduced during the Civil War Mini-ball (blank)
Who was the Naval Officer who captured New Orleans Admiral David Farragut (blank)
How many slaves could a confederate own to avoid being drafted 20 slaves (blank)
How many southerners eligible for the draft failed to sign up? Nearly half (blank)
What were "cor-du-roi" roads" hastly constructed timber highways to transport guns (blank)
What battle did McClellan fight on (7 day) 25 Jun 1862, with troops outnumbering Lee's Army, but was pushed back to Wash DC? Seven Day Richmond VA campaign, 36,000 casualties Outnumber, Lee mounts attack and force McClellan back to Wash DC, viewed as overly cautious & faint hearted
Who won the battle of Manassas (2nd Bull run) between 29 30 Aug 1862, and who lost? Victory by Lee & Stonewall / sent John Pope back to Wash DC Battle of Manassas VA / 2nd Bull Run / 25,251 casualties
What action did Pres Lincoln take on 17 Sep 1862, to prevent Americans from helping the confederates? Lincoln suspends Habeas Corpus, for people helping rebels criticized as being unconstitutional
What action did the Confederate Congress take on 11 Oct 1862, which indicated the south's fears of a slavery insurrection? Confederate Congress exempts from army anyone owning 20 or more slaves Show fear of slave insurrection in South
What major battle was fought on 13 Dec 1862, which gave Lee the chance to finish off the Union army? Battle of Fredericksburg VA / 17,900 casualties Lee defeats much superior force / but may have lost chance to win war by not finishing off Union forces
What executive order was signed Lincoln on 1 Jan 1963, that electrifies both sides? Lincoln signs Emancipation Proclamation Electrifies both sides
By 1862, how many farm workers had enlisted in the Union Army more than 1 Million (blank)
What Confederate General was given the name "Stonewall" Thomas J. Jackson (blank)
What Supreme Court Decesion was reversed by outlawing slavery in the territories Dred Scott Decision (blank)
What did Lee rename the Confederate Force The Army of Northern Virginia (blank)
How many slaves were liberated when SC plantation owner fled from the Union 10,000 (blank)
What event did Lincoln feel he had to wait for before he could emancipate slaves A military victory in 1862 (blank)
Who was placed in command whe Lincoln removed McClellan John Pope (blank)
Waht was Gen Joseph Hooker's nickname? Fighting Joe (blank)
Who was the photographer whose exhibit, "The Dead at Antietam," was shown during the war Matthew Brady 1862 (blank)
What was meant by the "Higher Object" Emancipation Proclamation Sep 1862 Lincoln annouced Emancipation Proclamation
What battle between 31 Dec 1862 - 31 Jan 1863 questioned Union's control of border states? Battle of Murfreesboro, TN 23514 casualties Gen Braxton Bragg nearly defeats Union forces / questions regarding control of border states
What law was passed by Union congress on 3 Mar 1863, to help the Union Army? Congress passes Conscription Act Volunteers Union Army not enough to win War
What action did President Lincoln take on 10 Mar 1863, to help restore Union forces? Lincoln grants amnesty for all 125,000 deserters who report back to duty Helps to restore Union force
What major battle took place between 21 Apr - 11 May 1863, where Lee Army defeats "Fighting Joe"? Who did Lee loose? What was "Fighting Joe's" name? Battle of Chancellorsville VA Lee defeats Fighting Joe, but loose Stonewall Jackson
On 19 May 1863, who did Lincoln exile to the south for protesting the War? Ohio Congressman Clement Vallandigham, critic of Lincoln is exiled to the South Lincoln concerned about growin antiwar movement in North
Who's Army surrounds Confederate forces on 19 May 1863 and tries to out camp them? Grant's Army marches 180 miles through Mississippi, wins 5 battles, surrounds and tries to "out camp the enemy" Lee decides to move North with a plan to attach on Harrisburg and Philadelphia
What was the major cause of death Disease / 2 for every one death from battle (blank)
What was known as the key transporation link between Richmond and Washington? Fredericksburg, VA (blank)
Who said "It si well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it," and what battle did he say it in Lee / Fredericksburg (blank)
What did Gen George McClellan feel most hindered the Union Army? Drinking Alchohol (blank)
What was the single most unpopular act of the Lincoln Adminstration Emancipation Proclamation (blank)
What name was given to antiware northerners by their political opponents Copperhead Movement (blank)
by the end of 1863, how much did a barrel of flour cost in the South? $250.00 (blank)
How much of the Southern Army would be AWOL or with leave by the end of the year 2/5 (blank)
Who was Gen Lee speaking of when he said "he has lost his left arm, but I have lost my right" Stonewall Jackson (blank)
Who was the "dust covered man."? U.S. Grant (blank)
Where did U.S. Grants army surround adn trap 31,000 Confederates? Vicksburg, Mississippi 19 May 1863 (blank)
What major battle was fought July 1-3 1863, which turned Lee back to the south / Who defeated him? Battle of Gettysburg, PA, 51,000 casualties Union victory turns back LEE's invasion to North; / Gen Meade allows Lee's Army to escape
What siege took place on July 4, 1863, which cut the Confederacy in half? How many rebels surrendered? Battle/Siege of Vicksburg, MS, 50,000 casualties, 29,000 Rebels surrender Victory for Gen Grant / Confederate cut in half
What event took place on July 13, 1863, as a result of the Union draft & Emancipation Proclamation? Riot in New York in ref Draft / Blacks attacked Worst riot in Amer Hist. / 120 dead / Fed troops / tension w/draft, war, Emancipation Proclamation
What event happened on July 18, 1863, that changed North perceptions of blacks? 54th Mass / Colored Infantry attacks Ft Wagoner, Charleston Harbor, SC Heavy Causualties suffered / help change north perceptions of black soldiers
What did Pres Jeff Davis do on August 1, 1863, in a desperate need for Confederate troops? Jeff Davis offers amnesty to deserters desperate need for manpower
What major battle was fought between Sept 19-20, 1863, which was a defeat for Union insurrections into the south? Battle of Chickamauga Creek GA; 34,444 casualties Rebel Victory in bloodiest war of the western theater
What major speech did President Lincoln give on November 19, 1863? Lincoln's Gettysburg Address / dedicates battlefield cemetery Lincoln's ten sentences lay out his vision of "a new birth of freedom"
What major victory took place between November 23-25, 1863 that allowed the Union to penetrate the Confederacy? Battle of Chattanooga, TN; 12,491 casualties / Union victory frees Grant's Army to penetrate the Confederacy
What fugitive slave made his way north, where he joined the 1st New Jersy Cav? Alex Turner (killed his owner) Daughter "Daisy" spoke in film age 104
How did the Battle of Gettsburg begin? It was a clash over shoes in a small town in PA (blank)
How many Confederates gathered at Gettysburg? 65,000 (blank)
How many Union soldiers were at Gettysburg? 85,000 (blank)
Who led the 20th Maine to victory using an obsure textbook maneuver? Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin (blank)
To what state did Lee's Army retreat after the Battle at Gettysburg? Virginia (blank)
How long was the wagon train of woundes Conferate soldiers? 17 miles (blank)
Name 2 groups that organized private relief and check disease in the army. U.S. Sanitary Commision & U.S. Chrisitan Commision (blank)
Who was the Union Captor of Vicksburg? U.S. Grant (blank)
How long did it take for Vicksburg, MS to celebrate the 4th of July 81 years (blank)
What immigrant group was outraged by the influx of blacks into New York? Irish (blank)
How much were black privates paid per month $10 to $13 for whites (blank)
Who won the battle of Chickamauga? Confederates (blank)
Where did Union troops unfurl the flag to signify victory? Lookout Mountain, Chattanoga, TN (blank)
On November 19, 1863, who was the featured speaker? Ab Lincoln - Gettysburg Address (blank)
Who received a promotion on March 2, 1864, that changed the outcome of the war in the Union's favor? U.S. Grant named General-in-Chief of the Union Armies (blank)
What event took place on April 12, 1864, that outraged the North? Massacre at Ft Pillow, MS River / black soldiers surrendering were murdered Gen Nathan B. Forrest allowed his men to kill surrendering black soldiers / North outraged
What major battle took place between May 5-19, 1864, where Lee stopped Grant's drive to Richmond? Who did Lee loose in the battle? Battles of Wilderness & Spotsylvanion near Chancellorsville Lee stops Grant's drive to Richmond / Gen Jeb Stuart is mortally wounded
Who did the radical Republican party nominate on May 31, 1864? radical republic Ohio nominate Gen John Charles Fre'mont demonstrates opposition to Lincoln in his own party
What battle took place between June 1-4, 1864, which U.S. Grant later regretted? Battle of Cold Harbor in VA; 13,500 casualties Grant assaults Lee's entrenched army in the bloodiest attack of the war; nearly 8,000 Union soldiers fall in eight minutes of fighting
What nave battle took place on June 14, 1864? Naval battle between CSS Alabama adn USS Kearsarge near Cherbourg, France; 33 casualties CSS Alabama sank
What battle took place on June 27, 1864, that slowed Sherman's advance through GA? Battle of Kennesaw Mountain near Marietta, GA; 2,321 casualties Confederate victory slows Sherman's advance through GA to Savannah, GA
What qualities made Grant a great Gen? 4:00 am courage / cool under fire (blank)
Where did Grant go to school? West Point (blank)
Who was the Grandmother of Lee's wife? Mrs. Mary Washington (George Washington's wife) (blank)
In what war did Grant and Lee meet before the civil war? Mexican War (blank)
In the battle of the Wilderness, who did Lee praise during the 2nd day for battle for always moving back the Union army? Texans (blank)
What happened to many of the wounded men who were unable to escape after the battle of the Wilderness? burned alive (blank)
What battle did Grant admit was a mistake The battle of Cold Harbor (blank)
What Union COL did Grant promote to Brigadier Gen at Petersburg? Joshea Lawrence Chamberland (blank)
How many hospitals for the Union? Confederate? 350 / 154 (blank)
Where was the biggest and best hospital? Chimberazo - Richmond, VA (blank)
Who was placed in charge of all women nurse employed by the north armies? Dorthea Dix (blank)
To what confederate city did Sherman advance his troops? Atlanta / ending in Savanah / then turning north through SC (blank)
What party nominated President Lincoln on June 8, 1864? Who was his VP? Lincoln nominated by Union Party / Andrew Johnson, TN Vice President broadens support for ticket / platform endorses 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery / no compromise w/south
What action did Lee take between July 2-14, 1864 to divert the Union's attention from Richmond, VA? Jubal Early raid on Wash DC; 9,000 casualties Confederate Jubal Early surprise strike diverts Union forces from Richmond, and causes panic in Union Capital
Which areas were seized during a Naval battle August 5, 1864, by the Union Navy? Naval Battle of Mobile Bay; 589 casualties Union Admiral Farragut seize one of last 2 major ports used for blockage runners by Confederates
Who was nominated on August 31, 1864, by the democratic party to run against Pres Lincoln? Gen McClellan nominated for democratic candidate for President / show down with Lincoln on war
What major battle took place between July 18 - Sep 3, 1864, in Georgia? Battles for Atlanta; 20,000 Sherman burns Atlanta & prepares to cut 60 mile wide track of devastation through GA
What major battle took place at the creek on Oct 19, 1864, where the Union became the victor? What Gen won / lost? Battle of Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah Valley; 8,665 casualties Union Gen Phillip Sheridan defeats Jubal Early lay waste to Shenandoah Valley
What percent did Pres Lincoln win by during the elections on November 8, 1864? What did this signify? Lincoln re-elected / 55 percent of popular vote Lincoln re-election is a mandate to continue war with no compromise.
How many horse was Nathan Bedford Forrest alleged to have been shot from under him? 30 horses / killed 31 men (blank)
Who was the democratic canidate for president? George McClellan (blank)
Who was "La Belle Rebelle"? La Belle Boyd - Confederate Spy (blank)
Who was Mary Elizabeth Bowzer? Slave spy who worked in Confederate White House (blank)
What simple tool did Union commander fail to provide soldiers with a way out of huge man made crater? a Latter (blank)
What Union Admiral shouted, "Dawn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"? David Farragut (blank)
Who replaced Confederate Gen Joseph Johnson? John Bell Hood (blank)
How many northern prisoners were hel in Confederate prison near Andersonville? 33,000 (blank)
What percentage to popular vote did Lincoln carry during elections 55 percent (blank)
Who choose the Lee's front yard as the Arlington Cemetary? Montgomery Megs / son barried in Mrs. Lee rose garten (blank)
What major battle took place on Dec 16, 1864, in TN? Who lost / won? Battle of Nashville, TN; 4,449 casualties Union Victory by Gen George Thomas over Gen John Hood
What city was captured in Georgia on Dec 21, 1864? Who captured it? Sherman captures Savannah, GA complete of march to sea / turn toward's Carolinas
What battle took place on Jan 15, 1865, which allowed the Union to capture what seaport? Battle of Ft Fischer NC; 1,841 casualties enables Union to take Wilmington, last seaport to Atlantic ocean
What Amendment was past on Jan 31, 1865 to abolish slavery? House passes 13th Amendment / abolishes slavery Amendment goes to states for ratification
Who did Pres Lincoln meet with on Feb 3,1865, and where to consider / negotiate ending the war? Lincoln meets with Confederate Peace Commission, Hampton Roads, VA no positive outcome / Linc demands unconditional surrender
What significant event occurred in SC on Feb 19, 1865 to signify the end of the war? Confederate abandon Charleston, SC birthplace of secession lost
What government organization did the Union Congress create on Mar 3, 1865 to signify assistance for freed slaves? Union Congress create Freedom Bureau signal to nation that Feds will assist freed slaves
What desperate act did the Confederacy pass on Mar 13, 1865 to try to win the war? Confederacy authorizes the arming of slaves as soldiers despite this desperate act, no slaves actually fight as soldiers for the Confederacy
What major battle took place between Mar 25- Apr 2, 1865, which wore down Lee's army causing him to retreat? The battle of Petersburg in VA; 17,000 casualties Grant's siege wears down Lee's Army; Lee retreats
What major event happened in VA between Apr 3-4, 1865, that signified the end of the war? Davis flees Richmond, VA hoping to escape to South; Lincoln arrives in the city. The fall of the Confederate Capital signals to the nation the ware is really over.
What major event happened on Apr 9, 1865, that signified the end of the war? Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse, VA (blank)
Who was Ely S. Parker? Union COL who drafted the surrender for Lee / Indian (blank)
What major Fort was abandoned on Feb 17, 1865, that signified the end of the war? Ft Sumpter, SC abandoned by Confederacy (blank)
Before leaving Atlanta for the March to the sea, what were Sherman's instructions? Destroy everything in path (blank)
How many slaves fled to Sherman's Army 25,000 (blank)
Where did Sherman's Army go after it reached Savannah South Carolina (blank)
How much did a barrel of flour cost in the South after 1865 $250 a barrel / $5 for a stick of wood (blank)
Who said, "Verily, the work does not end with the abolition of slavery, but only begins"? Frederick Douglas (blank)
What Union Gen was shot dead during the battle of Petersburg A.P. Hill (blank)
Who accompanied Lincoln to Richmond after it's fall? His son Tad, and Black Calvary (blank)
After the Battle of Sayler's Creek, how man soldier remained in the Confederate Army? Union? 25,000 Confederates / 125,000 Union (blank)
When did Lee surrender to Grant, marking the end of the war? April 9, 1865 (blank)
Who owned the house where Lee adn Grant met? Wilmer McClean (blank)
What major change took place in the South between 1863-1877, which was initiated by the Lincoln administration? Reconstruction of South / brought back into Union; black children in school rises from 2 to 34%; 1870 1 million blacks can vote, 15% public officials black (blank)
What Amendment was ratified by the states on Dec 6 1865? 13th Amendment ratified, abolishing slavery (blank)
1866-67 KKK originated in TN by Confederate Veterans / opposes reconstruction / terrorist tactics (blank)
Jul 9, 1865 14th Amendment ratified. Defines national citizenship regardless of race or gender adn extends equal protection of the law to all citizens
Feb 3, 1865 15th Amendment ratified Right to vote regardless of race
1890's "Jim Crow" laws passed in Southern states to disenfranchise most blacks by charging poll taxes and establishing property and literacy requirments also established rules segregating blacks from whites in public and private places.
1896 "Plessy vs. Ferguson" Supreme court decision declared "Separate but Equal" facilities for blacks and whites are constitutional, thus upholding segregation of races (blank)
1909 NAACP founded. Blacks and white joined to reverse segregation and redress grievances of American blacks. (blank)
Feb 3, 1913 16th Amendment ratified; grants Fed Government to collect income taxes revenue raising techinique first used in Civil War
1915 New KKK organized in GA Spreads to North in 1920's / hostility to all minorities.
D.W. Griffith 1915: "Birth of a Nation" premieres at the White House. Glorifies KKK and vilifies blacks during reconstruction (blank)
W.E.B. DuBois 1935: published "Black Reconstruction" / book protrayed reconstruction as a positive period in our history (blank)
1936 The majority of blacks vote Democratic in a presidential election for the first time since emancipation. Franklin D. Roosevelt's liberlism, and his wife Eleaaanor's commitment to equal rights for blacks, result in a massive political realignment in the United States
1948 President Truman issues exec order banning racial discrimination in military and Fed Gov Fed begans slow process of integrating post-WWII America
1954 "Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka KS" Reverses "Plessy" decision hold segregation as unconstitutional
1955 Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat in Montgomery, AL stimulates civil rights movement
1957 Pres Dwight D. Eisenhower send Nation Guard to Little Rock, AR to enforce desegregation. Fed Gov supports court mandated integration of public facilities
1963 250 K people attend M.L.K's "I have a drema" speech (blank)
Jan 23, 1964 24th Amendment ratified / outlaws poll taxes for voting (blank)
1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964; outlaws racial discrimination in public accomodations and prohibits discrimiantion hiring on basis of race, sex, religion or national origin. (blank)
1965 Voting Rights Act of '65 / authorizes Attorney General to appoint federal examiners to register voters where discrimination persists. (blank)
1968 M.L.K. ASSASSINATED / martyred for civil rights movement (blank)
1988 Jesse Jackson is major canidate for President accumulates the 2nd largest number of votes in the democratic primary.
L. Douglas Wilder becomes the 1st black to be elected govenor in the U.S. history. Wilder, Govenor of VA, will serve in Richmond which had been the capital of the Confederate States of America.
What happened to thousands of glass photographic negatives of the Civil War? Thrown away and sold to Green houses / negative burned away by sun (blank)
John Wilkes Booth Assassinated President Lincoln in Ford Theater (blank)
How old was Lincoln when he died 54 years old (blank)
Where was John Wilkes Booth captured and executed? a Virginia tobacco barn (blank)
Who was the last man killed in the Civil War? PVT John J. Williams May 13, 1865 / Battle at Poleto Ranch, TX / Confederate Victory
Who was arrested by Union troops on May 10, 1865? Pres Jeff Davis arrested and imprisioned at Ft Monroe (blank)
How many men died in the Civil War 620,000 (blank)
How many men fought in the Civil War 3.5 million 1/4 of South's men died / 13,000 from Iowa
Who wrote the book of civil war poem entitled "Drum Taps" Walf Wittman (blank)
What did Robert Lee do after the war? became president of Washington College (blank)
How did Grant restore his family fortune? Wrote memoirs / finished July 16 / died one week later sold 500,000 copies
Who once said that history is not "was," it's "is"? William Faulkner (blank)
What age did Jefferson Davis die? Age 81 (blank)
When did Gen Custer die? Gen Custer died in 1876, during battle with Sue & Shian Indians (blank)
When did Robert Lee die? Died in 1870 / "Greatest mistake of my life was taking a military education." (blank)
What did the emancipated slave own? nothing... (blank)
What did Nathan Bedford Forrest do after the War? 1867: joined the KKK and became the Imperial Wizard, but later quit because the organization became to violent (blank)
How large was Sherman's Army? 62,000 men (blank)
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