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Early Humans Test

Five characteristics of a civilization 1)stable food supply 2)government 3)specialization of labor 4)culture (religion, written language, art, etc) 5)social classes
domesticate tame wild animals for human use
agriculture the practice of farming
artifacts man made objects and tools
fossils traces or imprints of the remains of living things -tells archaeologists information about humans of the past (age, sex, dates of existence, brain size)
Lucy species Australopithecus, one of the earliest human ancestors found in Africa
Sense of community shown by care of the old and sick
Neolithic Age -started with the development of agriculture -New Stone Age
Paleolithic Age -Old Stone Age -humans used stone for tools -Homo Habilis through Cro-Magnon
specialization specific jobs for different people -developed after there was a surplus of food
Communication and the Development of Language enabled humans to work together, pass on knowledge, share stories of the past
First to have burial ceremonies Neanderthal
First to have evidence of manhood and hunting rituals Cro-Magnon
Used 100s of tools for special purposes Cro-Magnon
First Artists Cro-Magnon
First to use and make fire Homo Erectus
First to weave clothing Modern Humans
First to have people in art Modern Humans
Used fire oven for cooking bread and pottery Modern Humans
First to look like us, brain like ours, speak like us Cro-Magnon
short and stocky to preserve body heat, heavy eyebrow ridge Neanderthal
Advanced farming and hunting tools, eventually metal Modern Humans
lived on all continents except Antarctica Cro-Magnon
lived on all continents Modern Humans
First to use fire for capturing prey, warmth, light, protection, cooking Homo Erectus
Organized hunts without weapons Homo Habilis
Some lived in caves Cro-Magnon
Created by: Arsenault209