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Chapter 6 AP US Gov.

a count of the american population every ten years Census
a form of unconventional participation designed to consciously break a law thought to be unjust. Civil Disobedience
a set of beliefs about politics, public policy , and public purpose,emphasizing maintaining peace through strengeth, supporting right-to-life and prayer in school ,opposing affirmative action and favoring free-market rather than gov't solutions. Conservatism
the science of human populations Demography
a consistent attitudinal pattern where women are more likely than men to express liberal attitudes and support democratic candidates Gender Poll
a set of beliefs about politics, public policy, and public purpose, emphasizing less spending on the millitary, free choice on obortion, opposition to prayer in school and viewing the government as a regulator in the public interest. Liberalism
the mixture of cultures, ideas, and peoples in the US Melting Point
a reference to the impending status of white, Anglo-Saxon Americans, currently holding majority status. Minority majority
an overall set of values widely shared within a society Political Culture
a coherent set of values widely shared within a society Political Ideology
the activities used by citizens to influence political outcomes Political Participation
the process by which citizens acquire their knowledge, feelings, and evaluations of the political world. Political Socialization
a form of political participation designed to change policy through unconventional tactics Protest
a poll taken at randomly selected polling places after the citizens have placed their votes Exit Poll
the distribution of the population's beliefs about politics and issues. Public Opinion
phone numbers are dialed at random around the country Random digit dialing
a polling technique which is based on the principle that everyone has an equal probability of being selected as part of the sample Radom Sampling
the reallocation of 435 seats in the House of representatives based on changes in residency and population found in the census Reapportionment
a small proportion of the population chosen as representative of the whole population Sample
the level of cofidence involved in a sample result-the level is dependent on the size of the sample Sampling error
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