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Bone TumorInfo
benign end in "oma"
benign encapsulated
Malignant end in "carcinoma" if epithelial tissue orgin or "sarcoma" if CT tissue
"M O C E" most common bone tumors - Multiple Myeloma, Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma, Ewing's Saroma
Adenocarcinoma common malignant tumor of the large intestine
Adenoma tumor of glandular tissue
Chondroblastoma benign, rare, young, destroys bone
Chondrosarcoma most common in pelvis
Chonrdoma found sacrum or occiput
Enchondroma most common benign tumor of the hand
Ewing's 5-20 years old, diaphysis, primary malignancy
Giant cell benign, epiphyseal, lytic, tendency to recur, knee
glioblastoma malignant tumor of astrocytes
hyperparathyroidism rugger jersey spine
krukenberg's tumor carcinoma of the ovary, metastasized from GI
Leiomyosarcoma benign tumor of smooth muscle
Leiomyosarcoma malignant tumor of smooth muscle
medulloblastoma tumor of the cerebellum
Multiple Myeloma reversed A/G ratio, electophoresis, M-spike, lytic, diaphyseal
Myxoma primary tumor of the heart
Neurofibromatosis Cafe au lait spots
Osteogenesis Imperfecta brittle bone & blue sclera
Osteoid Osteoma noctural pain relieved by asprin
Osteopetrosis sandwich vertebra
Osteosarcoma sunburst periosteal rxn, most common knee or pelvis
pheochromocytoma adrenal medulla & sympathetics
Rhabdomyoma benign tumor of skeletal muscle
Rhabodomyosarcoma malignant tumor of skeletal muscle / striated muscle
Seminoma tumor of the testes
Squamous cell carcinoma primary cause is from cigarette smoking
Teratoma tumor of all three germainal layers
Wilms tumor malignant mixed tumor of kidney in childern
Created by: missyh23