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Lung Disorders

Pneumonia infection of lung parenchyma, alveolar spaces and interstitial tissue
Pneumonia 2 million affected. 40,000 to 70,000 deaths per year in the USA (6th COD)
Bacterial Pneumonia most common cause of pneumonia - Streptococcus pneumoniae
Viral Pneumonia gradual onset, increased lymphocytes
Klebsilla or Friedlander's debilitated patients and alcoholics, red currant jelly sputum
Pneumocytis carnii comon in patients with AIDS
Pneumoncoccal rusty sputum
Lobar pneumonia most common type
Mycoplasmal most common "atypical" pneumonia
COPD's increased resistance to airflow during forced expiration
Chronic Bronchitis blue bloater, chronic cough, sputum may be blood-streaked, wheezing, dyspnea
Asthma curschmann's spirals, Charcot's Laden Crystals, thick sputum, bronchial spasm
Emphysema pink puffer, enlargement of airspaces - primary cause is smoking
Bronchiectasis dead lung, irreversible, focal bronchial dialation with infection
Lung Cancer Clubbing of the nails
Hand-Schuller-Christian syndrome lung & bone, exophthalmosis & Diabetes Insipidus
Silicosis related to TB "sandblasters"
Asbestosis may lead to mesothelioma
Siderosis Iron dust
Byssinosis cotton dust
Bagassosis sugar cane dust "bag o sugar"
stannosis tin dust
Berylliosis beryllium dust
Atelectasis lung collapse (partial or complete)
Pneumothorax air in the pleural cavity, (spontaneous) occurs in young men
Pleurisy irritation of the pleura
Pleural Effusion fluid in the pleural cavity
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