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KUB & Genital Disorders

Glomerulo nephritis UTI, streptococcal infection, hematuria, RBC casts, proteinuria, hypertenion & edema
Pyelonephritis UTI, WBC casts, bilateral, inflammation of the renal pelvis
Nephrotic syndrome UTI, prolonged protein permeability (proteinuria & hypoalbuminemia)
Urethritis LTI, E.coli bacterial agent, could lead to scarring
Cystitis LTI, common female infection
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease infection of the GI / GU region of the female. Follows genitourinary infections
STD's chlamydia Trachomatis infective agent, patient can experience abdominal pain
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy lateral lobe of prostate
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy decrease or increase in frequency of urination and painful dysuria
Prostatitis inflammation of the prostate gland, infective agent gram negative bacteria, patient experiences chills, fever, urinary frequency, urgency & low back pain
Cancer of Prostate posterior lobe, men over 50, slow, progressive, end process of disease
Cancer of Prostate urethral obstruction, hematuria, pyuria & blastic metastasis to the pelvis and lumbar spine
Inguinal Hernia abnormal porturusion of tissue, may need surgery to prevent strangulation of testes
Balanitis inflammation of the glans penis & prepuce
Orchitis Testicular Inflammation
Epididymitis Inflammation of the epididymis
Phimosis constriction of the foreskin, cannot be retracted
Hypospadias urethral defect of the ventral surface "boots"
Epispadias urethral defect on the dorsal surface "goggles"
Priapism painful, persistent, abnormal erection, often final salute
Peyronie's Disease Dysplasia of cavernous sheaths with fibrosis
Peyronie's Disease crooked penis
Hydrocele generalized swelling in the scrotum
Spermatocele localized swelling near penis
Varicocele varicose veins - bag of worms
Heamatocele blood in the testes
crytorchidism undescended testicle
Paraphimosis "turtle neck"
Salpingitis infection of fallopian tubes, under 35, IUD increases risk, ectopic pregnancy
Endometriosis ectopic endometrium, painful menstruation
Hydatidiform Mole instead of fetus, a disorganized benign mass develops
Choriocarcinoma instead of fetus a cancerous mass develops
Ovarian Tumor increase in hormone secretions, tumor of the ovaries, over 50 years old
Estrogen proliferation during the first half of the cycle
Progesterone secretion during the second half of the cycle
FSH secreted during the first half of the cycle to stimulate egg development
LH secreted from the pituitary mid cycle to cause ovulation
Gravid pregnant
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin released by chorion & trophoblast in pregnancy
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