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Gastrointestinal disorders

Achalasia impaired esophageal peristalsis / lower esophageal sphincter contraction age 20-40, dysphagia-soilds & liquids, chest pain, regurgitation, nocturnal cough
Plummer Vinson mucosal membrane across lumen aka Paterson-Kelly "Irish Plumber" so you have "webs in your pipes"
Esophageal varices varicosities in the esophagus portal hypertension
Gastroesophageal Reflux "GERD" incompetence of lower esophageal sphincter reflux gastric contents, Barrett's Esophagus
Esophageal Diverticula outpouching of the mucosa & submucosa posteriorly - BAD BREATH aka Zenker's fills with food, possible regurgitation when bending or lying down
Mallory-Weiss laceration of distal esophagus & proximal stomach during vomiting, retching, or hiccups hemorrhage - alcoholics
Duodenal Ulcers located at the beginning of the small intestine, burning or gnawing pain, vomiting Most common ulcer
Gastric ulcer located along the lesser curvature of the stomach caused by helicobacter pylori & NSAIDS
Cancer of stomach occurs most frequently at the greater curvature of stomach unexlpained weight loss, unrelenting pain
Hepatitis inflammation of the liver inflammation of the liver
Cirrhosis secondary to chronic alcohol abuse fatty liver
Diverticulum a pouch or sac through a defect a pouch or sac through a defect
Diverticulosis presence of diverticula, no inflammation presence of diverticula, no inflammation
Diverticulitis inflammation of diverticular mucosa inflammation of diverticular mucosa
Ulcerative Colitis mucosal ulcerations, watery stool episodic, bloddy diarrhea, fever
Irritable Bowel Syndrome gas & distention, pencil-thin stools episodic, consitpation and diarrhea
Crohn's skip lesions, distal ileum, colon aka regional enteritis chronic diarrhea, fever, anorexia
Hirschsprung's congenital avsence of Meissner's & Auerbach's automomic plexus aka congenital megacolon could be fatal if not diagnosed
Celiac Disease hereditary, chronic intertinal malabsorption causeing mucosal damage gluten "wheat" intolerance, pt has steatorrhea (floating feses)
tropical Sprue mucosal abnormalities in small bowel sore tongue, diarrhea, weight loss
Whipple's Disease small bowel infection - professive & fatal 30-60 males, anemia, weight loss, skin pigmentation, diarrhea, joint, cough
Zollinger-Ellison Aggressive peptic ulcer / tumor can perforate through the lining
Gardener's syndrome found in the ascending colon produces polyps
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