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Public Health

elderly medicare
low income medicaid
Prevalence # of cases of disease present in a population at one point in time
Incidence rate at which certain # of new cases
Epidemic rapid spreading disease attacking many people in an area
Endemic present in a community at all times
Pandemic spread across the continents Ex. Sars, AIDS, Bird Flu
National Center for Health Statistics vital statistics - money in community
National Institue of Safety & Health safety in the work place, environment, water
FDA safety of foods & drugs, testing
National Instutue of Health funding of research
CDC in Atlanta, GA national diseases, trends, epidemics, health
Environmental Protection Agency controls drinking water
Single most preventable cause of disease & death tobacco use
People who smoke in America 25% of population
Main impact of substance abuse abuse child/spouse, costs US $167 billion
Mental Health Adults/ geriatrics highest rate, depression most commmon, 20% of US affected
Murder rate down to 6.5 deaths per 1000
25% of preventable illness due to poor environment worldwide
6th leading cause of death pneumonia/ flu
eradicated smallpox
#1 leading cause of death HD & cancer
Mexican-Americans highest uninsured rate in the US
# of adults regularly active 15%
overweigh & obesity $99 billion in 1995
& of adult population overweight over 50%
Acid Rain SO2 or SO3 generated by smoke stacks
CO most common urban pollutant
green house effect CO2 from industrial plants
PCB's polychlorinated biphenyls cause by transformers
CFC's chloro fluocarbons from aerosol propellant, A/C, refrigerant
THM's tri halo methanes
Radon found in basements can cause lung cancer
Tri Halo Methanes chloinated water
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