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Cody 7th Gr. SS

Unit 1 Test

What are individual features of land, like mountains and valleys called? Landforms
What two characteristics do geographers study when viewing a place? Physical and Human Characteristics
What is an area that shares common characteristics called? Region
What is a group of satellites traveling around the earth that give specific locations of places called? Global Positioning System (GPS)
What are the 4 uses of geography? Government leaders use it for planning, the use geography to make decisions, manage resouces.
Each planet travels along its own path, or ______, around the sun. Orbit
What type of planets are very huge, mostly composed of gas, spin rapidly, and have many moons? Jupiter-like planets
When the North Pole is tilted away from the sun, the NOrthern Hemisphere is experiencing what season? Winter
What is the layer of rock that surrounds earth's core? Mantle
What are huge slabs of rock that move in the earth's crust called? Plates
What is the theory that scientists believe the earth used to be one land mass? Plate Techtonics
What is the process of breaking surface rock into boulders, gravel, sand, and soil called? Weathering
What are the 2 reasons people settle on all different types of landforms. Climate and availabilty of resources
What % of earth is made up of water, mostly salt water? 70
What term refers to the unpredictable changes in air that takes place over a short period of time? weather
Scientists perdict gases are trapping warm air frome scaping into the atmosphere, known as ____. Greenhouse Effect
In Tropical Rain Forest climates, what is the top layer of the forest called? Canopy
What is the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs? Culture
You do what your parents did in this type of economy... Tradition
What is the process of spreading knowledge and skills to other cultures called? Cultural Diffusion
Created by: cunninev
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