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Human Viral Diseases

Viral PathogenViral FamilyDisease Expression
Adenovirus Adeno Upper & lower respiratory tract infections, conjunctivitis, diarrhea
Echovirus Picorna URI, pharyngitis, skin rash
Rhinovirus Picorna URI- common cold
Coxsackie Virus Picorna pleurodynia, herpangina, myocarditis, hand-foot-mouth disease
Influenza A, B Orthomyxo Influenza
Respiratory syncytial virus paramyxo bronchiolitis, pneumonia
mumps virus paramyxo mumps, pancreatitis & orchitis / oophoritis
rotavirus reo childhood diarrhea (most common)
Hepatitis A virus Picorna acute viral hepatitis, oral fecal, shorter, less virulent
Hepatitis B Hepadna Acute or Chronic hepatitis, blood- hospital workers
Hepatitis C Hepadna "non A- non B" causes infusion hepatitis
Hepatitis D dependovirus "Delta agent" cannot produce unless infected
Measles virus paramyxo rubeola, koplik spots, subacute sclerosing, panencphalitis
Rubella virus toga german measles
parvovirus parvo erthema infectiosum, aplastic anemia
vaccinia virus pox smallpox vaccine
varicella zoster herpes chickenpox, shingles
herpes simplex I herpes cold sores
herpes simplex II herpes genital herpes
cytomegalovirus herpes cytomegalic inclusion dx (liver)
Epstein-Barr virus herpes infectious mono nucleosis
HIV I & II retro aids
Dengue virus 1-4 flavi dengue, hemorrhagic fever
Yellow fever flavi yellow fever - aedes aegypti mosquito
colorado tick reo colorado tick fever
Papillomavirus papova condyloma, cervical carcinoma
Molluscum virus pox molluscum contagiosum
poliovirus picorna poliomyelitis
Rabies rhabdo negri bodies
JC virus papova multifocal leukoencephalopathy
Arboviral encephalitis toga, bunya St. Louis fever
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