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Dat bio


excretion is the removal of _____ produced by the body metabolic waste
______ of amino acids in the liver forms urea deamination
annelids excrete minerals and urea using nephridia
arthrodods excrete nitrogenous waste as _______ uric acid
________ arterioles enters the glomerulus afferent
________ arteiole drains the glomerulus efferent
Filtration occurs in _____ glomerulus
why is the afferent larger than efferent -blood pa is much higher and drive filtration
_____ secretes angiotensinogen whch is acted upon by renin secreted by _______ liver; kidney
Angiotensin_____ afferent and efferent arterioles. stimulates ____ and water __________ by prox tubule constricts; Nacl; reabsorption
tubular secretion renal tubule extracts chemicals from blood to tubular fluid
tubular reabsorption substances from filtrate reabsorbed into blood primarily occurs in the Prox tubule
tubular reabsorption is passive or active process? active process
wats the function of the nephron loop form a salinity gradient that causes the collecting duct to conserve water
significance of thick segment of ascending loop reabsorb 25% Na + impermeable to water
fluid entering the distal convoluted tubule is highly diluted
how does DCT regulate the tubular fluid concentration the effects of hormones, like aldosterone, ANP
"salt retaining hormone" aldosterone
role of aldosterone causes the ascending loop to reabsorb Na and Cl when blood pa is low
role of ANP in response to high blood pressure, inhibits NaCl reabsorption by collecting duct
role of ADH in response to low blood pressure, makes Collecting duct more permeable to water
parathyroid hormone in response to low blood calcium,so increase phosphate exct=retion and increase Ca reabsorption
____ release angiotensinogen; _____ release renin; ________ secretes Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) to convert angiotensin 1 to ________ liver, kidney; lungs; angiotensin II
Angiotensin II causes kidney to secrete ____ ; blood vessels to ___ that in turn _____ aldosterone; constrict; increase blood Pa
2/3 of water is reabsorbed by PCT
water is absorbed by pct via _____ with the aid of _______ osmosis; aquaporin
tubular secretion compensates for____ waste removal during pct reabsorption
________ directly causes stimulation of aldosterone release low Na or high K in blood
_______ indirectly induce aldosterone release low blood Pa
aldosterone affects the ______ and causes _______ thick ascending loop; Na reabsorption and K secretion; decreased urine vol.
_____ stimulates PTH release low blood calcium
PTH acts on ______ TO INCREASE phosphate excretion prox tubule
PTH acts on ______ and ____ to increase Ca reabsorption which ends up DCT and thick ascending loop; increasing blood calcium levels
how des ADH affect the KIdneys increases the amt of aquaporins in the collecting duct and tubules
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